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Online Advertising Update: Facebook’s Ad Sales Brings Revenue of $6.24 Billion in Second Quarter


The social media giant announces in a press release that it continues to make good money out of online advertising.  A huge chunk of this is mostly contributed by mobile advertising, with a revenue of approximately 84 percent this second quarter; a steep increase compared to last year’s  76 percent.

Beside from the reported quarter increase in earnings, Facebook announced their growing number of users surpassing the billion mark milestone.

Tapping the “billion” market through online advertising

The social media network now has a captured global audience of 1.13 billion daily active users, 1.03 billion of which are on mobile devices. This makes Facebook the best platform for brand awareness. The continuing growth of Facebook’s revenue cannot only be attributed to the growing active users, but also from brands and their share in mobile ads.

Facebook continues to earn money from its online advertising sales in Q2 as it brings in a total of $6.24 Billion, 84% of which is from mobile advertising.

Amplifying your brand’s message not only reaches your target audience, but also increases the chances of sales conversion. Ads across desktop and mobile makes an excellent social media marketing strategy that seamlessly integrates your brand’s message in to play.

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