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NVPC Moves to Raise Volunteerism in Singapore

nvpc-volunteerism-singaporeThe National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) takes advantage of social media to promote its volunteer activities in Singapore.

A hand that builds a community

The National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), a national body that promotes volunteerism and philanthropy in Singapore, steps up to further develop its function as a catalyst and networking agency in building a compassionate community in Singapore. To do this, NVPC is setting up more initiatives by drawing on the advantages of digital marketing, particularly the social media.

This year, NVPC is holding a new initiative with the primary aim of promoting and developing skill-based volunteerism “to foster the giving spirit in Singapore.” The organisation will run a campaign for the International Volunteer Day called Small Things, Great Love with the help of IH Digtal, a digital agency in Asia with expertise in digital campaign strategy and implementation.

Reaching more volunteers with a genuine purpose

IH Digital / NVPC
IH Digital / NVPC

Imparting a message with sincerity is the organisation’s fashion of securing more hands (and heart) to cooperate in this goal. Following this purpose, IH Digital has set up a social media strategy that will not only make the concept a reality, but also continuously deliver the message genuinely to reach and inspire passionate groups and individuals all over Singapore.

Starting off with establishing a strong online identity, IH Digital ensures that the target audience will be informed and inspired through powerful contents that will eventually ignite social action. As part of the social media strategy, particularly in the Facebook platform, NVPC will include sharing of several stories about volunteers and their works. All these will be implemented following a positive and friendly approach. It is thus particularly interesting to catch on in the near future how these stories will be laid out in the social media under the expectation of a knowledgeable and empathetic image.

Moreover, NVPC is not limited to social media images and text features. In fact, they have started filming an interview with more to follow and to be uploaded as social videos. In these videos, the audience will finally get to learn more from diverse volunteers – their personal goals, challenges, a first-hand advice from experienced and skilled individuals, and a lot more.

It is an exciting objective to get numerous Singaporean individuals to hold hands together for a purpose of sharing time and other resources to their fellowmen – a result which NVPC expects as the campaign goes up. In short, NVPC targets to instil in several groups and individuals a passion to extend a helping heart not just once but every day. What more to expect in this campaign? Aside from increased knowledge about volunteerism in Singapore, this campaign will certainly be fun and interactive, and an instrument to reach the goal of building a nation of volunteers.