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Need help with Weibo Verification? Here’s the best way.

Need help with Weibo verification? Here's the best way.
Are you having trouble with Weibo verification lately? Getting your Weibo profile verified is a challenging process especially for businesses outside China as it requires a third-party agency to do so. IH Digital is Sina Weibo’s appointed digital agency in Southeast Asia whose aim is to provide Sina Weibo advertising solutions and Weibo account verification services to businesses outside China. We are currently the only official advertising agency in the region that can help you reach out to the Chinese audience through Weibo marketing. But first, let’s tackle why Weibo marketing matters for your China digital campaigns.

Why Weibo Marketing Matters

With over 400 million monthly active users, Sina Weibo has emerged as one of the biggest and most popular Chinese social media platforms. It is China’s version of Twitter, except it offers more than microblogging and social networking. If you are looking into effectively tapping the Chinese market, it is highly recommended that you start with Weibo marketing.
Illustration by Sina Weibo | Source: iResearch Mobile App Index, Aug 2018
Illustration by Sina Weibo | Source: Financial Statement of Weibo, Q3 2018

Why Your Business Needs Weibo Verification

Weibo verification is the process of attaining an official account status, similar to Twitter’s “Verified” status for businesses and celebrities. Verified business accounts are awarded a Blue V badge on Sina Weibo. In Weibo marketing, this is the first and most important step to earn your audience’s trust. Illustration by Sina Weibo | Source: Financial Statement of Weibo, Q3 2018 Apart from gaining profile credibility, Weibo verification is a prerequisite you need to fulfil before starting your digital marketing campaigns – whether you are seeking to build brand awareness, increase social media engagement or buy digital media advertising spaces. Having your Weibo account verified allows you to enjoy its benefits, such as planning and buying in-feed ads through the Weibo’s DSP system. You will also gain access to the wall contest management tool and Weibo e-vouchers. However, Weibo has a very strict set of examination procedures for its verification process. For instance, Weibo requires businesses to submit all the supporting documents in Chinese. This may pose as a huge difficulty for brands outside of China.

Benefits of Having a Verified Weibo Account

  1. Increase brand awareness and exposure in the Chinese market
  2. Grow inquiries and sales, both online and offline
  3. Improve customer service and social engagement
  4. Drive more traffic to your official website

Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency for Weibo Verification

Being an appointed official partner agency of Sina Weibo for Southeast Asia, IH Digital can assist you on verifying your Weibo account. We have helped verify several Weibo accounts across the region, allowing them to enjoy its privileges such as Weibo’s basic services, promotion tools, event platform, coupons, private messaging, and data analysis & social listening.

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