Mobile Optimization for efficient Digital Marketing

mobile-first-marketing-digital-agency-digital-marketing-malaysiaLearn about why it is crucial for brands' digital marketing to successfully implement mobile friendly content and optimization to their digital advertising.

Strength of mobile networks.

Each day, more people are accessing internet from their mobile devices which naturally makes it crucial for any marketer for their digital marketing to be mobile friendly and optimized.

For example, 41 million people in Indonesia are online every day, out of which 38 million people are accessing from mobile devices according to Facebook. Given such statistics and the fact that Indonesia is considerably an emerging market for internet marketing, it cannot be more assuring of how mobile marketing is set to dominate the coming age of digital marketing.

Go big with digital marketing, but can it fit in a hand?

From checking the movie time, public transportation to more information about products while in a store, mobile devices grants people to look up almost anything anywhere.  According to a research, Malaysia topped the chart for the most number of people shop online in APAC.  With mobile search and internet usage surpassing that of desktop activity, mobile optimization is now the core of any online marketing.

Here are some interesting figures about mobile friendly digital marketing:

Digital marketing going online means it must be available on mobile:

Delivering the contents in social network optimized format is one, but ensuring best experience on mobile is another thing.  It is crucial that your digital marketing strategy is not losing any potential engagement because of bad experience on mobile:

  1. Is your website mobile friendly? Optimized access to internet advertising does not mean that it is mobile responsive, but also comes down to quality of the image and length of contexts as well. SEO optimization is important as well, but it is not ideal if such length is deterring audience. (Check out the website design tip from IH Digital Malaysia here!)
  2. Advantage of mobile application. Not only it will be mobile optimized, but will also allow marketer to provide perks and promotion exclusively for mobile app users.
  3. Same message different platforms. Consistence in publishing contents is a key, and so is consistency of message. Optimizing online marketing contents to mobile is important, but it also needs to deliver the same message across different platforms.
  4. Mobile responsive email. Email should not be too wordy like a novel, but instead a concise list of information with readable letter size, appropriate URL to mobile optimized landing page and websites, and last but most importantly, it should not require viewer to toggle with zooming to digest the information.

Mobile optimization for the effective digital marketing.

As an online marketing agency, IH Digital Malaysia believes in importance of contents appropriate online marketing services in any digital marketing. From SEO optimization to website design services, we can help and ease your marketing strategy with platform appropriate approach. Our team of social media expert are available for consultation to figure out the most optimal digital marketing strategy for your campaign.  Contact us today to find out more!