Welcome to the Family! Merries Launches Loyalty Program

Welcome to the Family! Merries Launches Loyalty Program Website | Digital 38

Japan-based diaper brand Merries is full-speed ahead in leveling up its internet presence in Malaysia as it rolls out its latest customer loyalty program website. 

Welcome to the Merries Family Club!  

Merries’ digital presence in Malaysia is expanding. And in its bid to reach more potential buyers, as well as boost brand awareness, it launched its first online customer loyalty program called the Merries Family Club.  

With the Merries Family Club, the brand’s new and loyal customers have the chance to win discounts, special rewards, e-vouchers, exclusive promotions, and so much more!   

Welcome to the Family! Merries Launches Loyalty Program

Aside from building customer loyalty, Merries can leverage its customer retention program in turning loyal customers into brand ambassadors. Merries Family Club provides incentives for existing customers who can successfully convince a new member to sign up on the loyalty program. In this way, word about Merries’ as a brand gets spread within relevant communities in Malaysia.  

Check out Merries Family Club by clicking this link: merriesfamily.com.my  

Why My Brand Needs Customer Retention Strategies?  

When it comes to Ecommerce and digital marketing, customer retention strategies are essential. Savvy brands know that having satisfied and returning customers can not only be cost-efficient means to ensure revenues. But they can also help your brand achieve more milestones.  

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