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Kao Men’s Biore Promotes New Product Packaging Through Influencer Marketing

KAO Mens Biore taps into influencer marketing for launch of new product packaging

Influencer marketing offers big benefits when executed correctly. It has the ability to quickly build trust and establish credibility. When someone sees the social media influencer they’re following sharing content about your brand, they pay attention.

But more importantly, it positions you where audiences spend time on – Facebook timelines, Instagram stories, YouTube channels and more. This sense of authenticity is otherwise difficult to pull off in other advertising tools.

What makes this tactic effective is that you essentially only need one thing. And that is to find the right influencer. However, it isn’t just all about who has the most followers. Selecting the right influencer can either be through the audience they have, the quality of their content or the topics they talk about.

Harnessing the Power of Influencer Marketing


Kao Men’s Biore, a skincare brand from Japan, leaned into the power of influencers to promote the new packaging of their products. Moreover, the social video drummed up awareness for their Raya Baru Style Facebook Contest on and Watsons Contest.

The brand teamed up with prominent video influencer Sterk Production on the campaign that was launched on 9 May. At the time of writing, the video has over 1,200 video views on Men’s Biore’s Facebook page. Meanwhile, it has nearly 44,000 views on Sterk Production’s YouTube page.

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