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Facebook Power 5 Ad Tools Every Marketer Must Know

Facebook Power 5 Ad Tools Every Marketer Must Know

Have you been using Facebook ads for your business but the results seem to be declining? Something that you might be overlooking is the Facebook Power 5 Ad tools which are useful to get your Facebook ads automatically optimized in real-time. 

What Are These Facebook Power 5 Tools?

Facebook’s Power 5 tools aim to give marketers a helping hand by using the platform’s machine learning to drive better results for their campaigns. Find these 5 noteworthy tools below and explore better opportunities for your business:

#1: Facebook Auto Advanced Matching

Facebook Pixel is a tool that analyses the actions users do on your website. Once it’s been set up, every time a visitor interacts on your website, the pixel is “fired” and is then sent to you on Events Manager, so you can make use of the data.

Auto advanced matching improves your business ad performance by allowing Facebook to make use of users’ input fields—such as name, phone number, email, state, and zip code along with your pixel events to accurately connect you with website visitors that are more like to convert. 

Benefits of Auto Advanced Matching:

  • Boost attributed conversions – The additional information that Facebook has collected is used to match up your conversions and increase the impact of your ads.   
  • Expand your audience size – Facebook accurately ascribes users on your website and in the platform itself, which can expand the size of your Custom Audience 
  • Decrease the cost per conversion – Facebook can efficiently identify and deliver your ads to people who are more likely to convert and lower your cost. 

#2: Facebook Account Simplification

Make things simple especially your account and campaigns. This allows Facebook’s machine learning to automatically test and optimise your ad placements for better results.

Benefits of Account Simplification:

  • Limits audience overlap – By simplifying your ad, you can reduce the competing with yourself, which can happen when you are using too many ad sets. This prevents you from losing impressions and increasing your ad cost.
  • Automatically optimise your budget.

#3: Facebook Campaign Budget Optimization

Campaign Budget Optimisation (CBO) is one of Facebook’s most useful Al tools. This tool helps distribute spend across your top-performing ad sets. Although, you can still set a budget for your campaigns but not at an ad set level.

Benefits of Campaign Budget Optimization:

  • Efficiently spend your budget – Facebook is always looking advantageous audience and opportunities to spend your budget on.
  • Reduce time managing campaigns.
  • Ensures you maximise the value of your campaign.

#4: Facebook Automatic Placements

This ad tool assists marketers to make use of Facebook’s machine learning to better understand and identify your audience. Automatic placements enable Facebook to place your ads in front of your target audiences across all default placements. 

Benefits of Automatic Placement:

  • Controls cost – Facebook can identify results with the widest range possible. This helps you to make efficient use of your budget per ad set.
  • More conversions – It accurately ascribes where conversions come from.

#5: Facebook Dynamic Ads

This tool is one of the most powerful amongst the power 5 because this targets users based on their exact behaviour online to be able to send them the most relevant ads possible. Dynamic ads can either be in a type of single image, carousel, or collection ad. These ads are only served once users interact or have triggered an event. 

Benefits of Dynamic Ads:

  • Ads tailored to users’ interests – Facebook automatically delivers the right ad to the right person based on their interactions across your website, app, or somewhere else. 
  • Encourage the completion of sale – Dynamic ads remind and promote the products that visitors browsed on your website and mobile app.  

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