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Marketing Communications in China Through WeChat

marketing-communications-wechat-china-featWeChat can help marketers solve the marketing communications equation. It's an all-in-one mobile chat application used in China and many parts of the world.

Marketing communication goes more personal

As people choose to be wiser online users, online marketers seek a better marketing communication tactic to get their audience’s attention. To do this, two things evidently become the key essentials: high-quality content and a more personal approach. But to some marketers in Asia, one more challenge gets in the way – marketing products and services to China. Aside from the basic content marketing communication strategy, marketing products to China can be more demanding. This is because you need to consider the applications that are open to and widely used by Chinese online users.

Are you wondering how you can achieve this digital marketing move for your brand?

Fortunately, WeChat can help many marketers solve the social media marketing equation. It is an all-in-one mobile chat application that is definitely widely used in China and many parts of the world. There are several reasons why marketers need to be present on this platform when targeting the Chinese audience. One of them is earning more followers in the Chinese market. For instance, The Shilla Duty Free Singapore has been active on WeChat since October 2014. And today, it continues to gain positive brand recognition in its target market in China. More subscribers continue to follow the brand as WeChat continues to grow in China in terms of number of users.

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WeChat’s Best China Marketing Features

Create user segment for followers

WeChat has quite an organised group categorisation. Although most social media sites have features of assigning contacts to a particular group, WeChat takes it to a different level. Categories are so organised that you may group your followers according to gender and target that particular category with the right messages. For instance, target women for messages about women’s fashion; and men for men’s fragrances.

More ways to present special offers

Ever thought of engaging your fans through chat application? Well, that is indeed possible with WeChat. Did you know that this mobile chat application allows you create different approaches in presenting your offers and social media campaigns? Digital scratch cards, for instance. Or even e-coupons that is redeemable by your followers. These remarkable marketing communication approaches make your brand more engaging to your WeChat followers.

Marketing communications | digital marketing | content marketing

Reliable and valuable market research

Do you want to witness your social media analytics results soar positively in the China market? As marketers of the modern society, we should always value the things that our target market is most interested in. Through WeChat, you will get a chance to hold a one-to-one conversation with your followers. This is one of the best ways to implement your marketing communication strategy. Moreover, you may also make use of the Poll feature to gather more meaningful information. This move makes your market’s data and information more significant. In this way, targeting can be even more efficient, effective and proper.

Easy payment medium

Chinese consumers are now making WeChat as part of their daily lives by using the payment function of the mobile application. WeChat is able to store in funds and use it to pay cab fees, food and even fashion apparels and accessories. What makes it more interesting is that WeChat is working to integrate the app to offline settings that allows the use of QR codes for payments including payments on vending machines. Wouldn’t it be a great benefit to your brand when payments are made hassle-free through a trusted marketing communications medium? This means more sales can be generated for your business.

Marketing communications | digital marketing | content marketing

Improve content

Shareable content is the key to a successful marketing communication. WeChat allows you to experiment on the type of content you may want to share. Choose from a range of media options to be part of your content, be it polls, custom stickers and images. You can always make your marketing communication content interesting for your viewers to share and consume.

Learn more about WeChat and social media for business. IH Digital can help you push your brand further in the Chinese market through WeChat, Weibo and Baidu.