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Hanif Arip is Latest Malaysian Influencer to Try, Review Miga Chu Luv

Hanif Arip is Latest Malaysian Influencer to Try, Review Miga Chu Luv | Digital 38

Malaysian influencer Hanif Arip is the latest personality to try out and document his experience with Unione’s Halal-certified instant tteoppokki.  

Hanif has joined the band of Malaysian content creators on trying out Miga Chu Luv brand of Unione. The Halal-certified instant tteoppokki, which comes in various flavors and levels of spiciness, recently entered markets in Southeast Asia. In particular, Singapore and Malaysia.  

To pump up brand awareness, drive sales, and connect with their target audience, Unione decided to leverage influencer marketing. They collaborated with macro and micro influencers, with niches in lifestyle and Korean culture, based in Singapore and Malaysia in implementing their campaign. And one of them was Hanif Arip.  

Hanif published his vlog on his official Instagram and TikTok accounts. In turn, the videos generated a total of views of over 120,000 views, and more than 8,000 interactions. 

About Hanif Arip 

Hanif Arip is one of Malaysia’s youngest and emerging influencers. Anif has made a name for himself for his vlogs and short-form videos of his life – most specially, his enthusiasm towards motoring. He has been a popular figure among Malaysia’s younger demographics. As of December 2022, Anif has amassed over 1.1 million followers on TikTok, and a growing 22,000 following on Instagram. He also has an official YouTube channel with at least 2,500 subscribers.  

Why My Brand Should Collab with an Influencer?  

When it comes to expanding your brand’s presence, influencers can be your key. Also referred to as key opinion leaders (KOLs), they have been often cited as positive drivers to several brands’ successful marketing campaigns. Influencers, like Malaysian influencer Hanif can help boost your content strategy, provide value to your target audience, grow your online following, build brand awareness, and even generate conversions, to name a few. 

Let’s take a dive into the world of influencer marketing by reading some case studies. Just click the links below. 

Collab with an Influencer Now 

Planning your brand’s digital marketing strategy, including its influencer marketing component, does not have to be complicated and burdensome for it to take off and be successful. As long as you have the right people guiding you to the right path. 

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