Kundal Expands Reach with Shopee Ads in Malaysia

Kundal Expands Reach with Shopee Ads in Malaysia | Digital 38

Find out how international beauty brand Kundal gave its brand and product discovery strategies a much-needed boost with Shopee Ads, targeting consumers in Malaysia.  

Kundal is now on Shopee Malaysia  

Kundal is eyeing to expand its presence in the Asia-Pacific region. Not only do they plan to increase their brand awareness but to drive more sales, too. In turn, the brand launched its official Shopee Mall store for consumers based in Malaysia.  

But opening a Shopee Mall store is just the first step. In order to get more quality traffic and conversions, they leveraged Shopee Ads.  

Shopee Ads enabled Kundal to improve their brand and product visibility on Shopee’s search results pages. With active ads on Shopee, consumers will only type the brand name, or any related keywords, on the platform’s search bar and Kundal’s official Shopee Mall store will appear on the topmost part.  

Search and shop ads on Shopee helped brands to stand out among thousands of stores in the platform. Additionally, these advertising solutions allow you to amplify your branding message. Once you have launched your Shop Ads on Shopee, you can customise your landing page, and choose a tagline to entice more buyers to check out your shop.  

About Kundal 

Kundal’s origins can be traced back to South Korea. Created in 2016, it is considered one of the biggest beauty brands with roots from Korea. The brand has since expanded exponentially, with presence across different parts of the world, including Malaysia.  

Kundal is known for its beauty, fragrance, and hygiene products, made from natural ingredients through sustainable means. The brand name is derived from the word ‘Kunst’ which means art, skill and professional, and ‘Kindal’ which means and refers to their technique of using macadamia nuts.  

Shopee Ads: Why They’re Important?  

To say Ecommerce is a flourishing industry in Southeast Asia is an understatement. In fact, the region is one of the leading markets when it comes to Ecommerce. And no wonder why brands find it a necessity to open their official shops on online Ecommerce marketplaces like Shopee.  

Savvy brands know that they need to take their Ecommerce game a step further so they can compete with the rest. And Shopee’s search and shop ads can be your key. Learn more about the Ecommerce landscape in Malaysia and other markets in Southeast Asia by clicking our previous articles below.

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