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Explore Korea Digital Marketing with KakaoTalk & Naver

When it comes to marketing landscape in the 21st century, we would immediately think about digital marketing. Marketing trend in Korea, one of the most developed countries, is not an exception as it is rapidly shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing to catch up with the change in consumer behavior and the development of technology. As a consequence, Korea Digital Marketing plays a pivotal role to promote products.

What is Korea Digital Marketing and why is it important to your business?

Like other markets, Korea Digital Marketing is performed on social platforms as well as search engines. However, besides universal platforms such as Google, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, Korea also have their own local platforms with the same functions: Naver (search engine) and KakaoTalk (messaging app). Naver and KakaoTalk are the 1st-ranked search engine and messaging app in Korea which are crucial either in work or daily life. It is reported that Naver is having approximately 16 million visits per day while KakaoTalk is actively used by 49 millions users. That’s why, in order to penetrate into Korean market, we have to consider using these 2 applications.

Naver Marketing

Naver is a substitute for Google in Korea Digital Marketing. In fact, there is Google, but it is just not the biggest player in the competition. Naver dominantly controls the whole market with more or less 70% of market share, followed by Google and Daum with 23% and 7% respectively. Koreans tend to use this tool to search for everything from daily lunch menu to cosmetics review. Additionally, instead of being a pure search engine, Naver also provides a variety of inclusive features including Knowledge-IN, Blogs, Cafes, News, etc. Therefore, to take on Korea Digital Marketing, search advertising on Naver is not to be ignored. In particular, there are some main types of Naver ads that we have to focus on: Website Search Ads (Powerlink ads), Brand Search Ads and Power Content.

 Naver Digital Marketing

Naver Marketing Statistics

KakaoTalk Marketing

Since the number of messaging app users has surged over the past few years, messaging apps become essential not only to increase engagement and communication with customers. In Korea Digital Marketing, we also have KakaoTalk as a must-use advertising tool. It enables brands to either put a notice on their timeline or send broadcast messages to their followers on Kakao Plus Friend. Furthermore, running ads is also allowed when they want to gain brand awareness. 

 Kakaotalk Modetour

Kakaotalk Expedia

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