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Kao Men’s Biore: 3 Social Media Strategies for #ExtraPowerRefresh Campaign

Kao men's biore

With the relaunch of the new packaging and the bonus pack, Men’s Biore has launched a social media campaign to increase the awareness of millennial men on the new Double Scrub Facial Foam products.

They ran the #ExtraPowerRefresh campaign on social media platforms for 2 months, targeting the millennial Malay and Chinese men in Malaysia.

Social media postings, paid ad and contest are among the social media marketing strategies implemented throughout the campaign, with different strategies at different phrases to maximize the audience reach and awareness.

Men's Biore ExtraPowerRefresh campaign
Men's Biore ExtraPowerRefresh social media campaign

Men’s Biore Double Scrub – facial foam with ‘Micro Detox’ cleaning power

Men’s Biore is a men’s skincare brand from Kao Japan. The Double Scrub Facial Foam was developed to address active men’s skin concerns by flushing away sticky oil, dirt and bacteria accumulated inside pores. There are five variants under this product line carrying different functionality: oil control, acne control, skin exfoliation and more.

The products were formulated with the Japan Million-scrub Technology, the scrubs advance their detox cleansing ability by breaking down into micro crushable beads to penetrate deeper into pores.

How Men’s Biore run an wildly successful social media campaign?

At the initial stage of the campaign, Men’s Biore launched a GIF post to spread the awareness of Double Scrub new packaging, together with ad placements on Facebook and Instagram. As the millennial men are always on their mobiles, therefore social media became their main advertising platform.

To encourage the audiences to make a purchase online, a call-to-action button linked to its Guardian or Watsons online store was added in the ad.

Men's Biore GIF post on Facebook

Moving to the next stage, they launched a TrueView in-stream ad to maximize reach to audiences on the leading online video platform – Youtube.

This video ad gives viewers the ability to interact with and control the ads they see. They are allowed to skip the ad after 5 seconds. Other video interactions include clicks to visit their e-commerce store on Guardian and Watsons with the call-to-action overlays (CTAs), cards and companion banners placed alongside the video ad.

The combination of awareness strength of video advertising with the interactive user’s ad control is a win-win strategy: viewers watch videos they’re interested in, and you pay when viewers interact with the elements of your video.

Men's Biore Youtube TrueView In-Stream Ad

Other than social ads, they also ran a Malaysia Day giveaway contest on social media for two consecutive months to encourage their fans to purchase Men’s Biore product. This giveaway is valid from 15 August to 15 October 2020.

Their contest posts were promoted with Facebook ads. With social media contests the way it is today, it pushes the contestants to spread the word out to their friends and family. Through the contest, all contestants would end up to be buyers of the brand.

If the contest is well-implemented, it is definitely a great way to increase buzz around your page and get tons of new followers engaging with your content with a minimal promotional budget.

Men's Biore Malaysia Day contest

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