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Kao Liese Leveraged on Social Media Marketing to Promote New Dimensional Colors

Kao Liese Dimensional Color new

Kao Liese is Japan’s No.1 hair-styling brand that focuses on long-established “know-hows” of hair colouring trends. 

The Challenge

With the launch of the 3 new shades of Creamy Bubble Color, Kao Liese wanted to raise awareness of their new products, at the same time to strengthen their image as an easy-to-use product with a wide variety of colours.

The Idea

Since their audience spent most of the time on Facebook and Instagram, so we decided to launch a social media campaign – Liese Dimensional Colors to increase new product awareness while highlighting the simple steps to DIY hair colours at home with Creamy Bubble Color.

The campaign was divided into 2 phases: launch and educate. It ran simultaneously on two channels – Facebook and Instagram, with multiple marketing strategies delivering results for the objective set.

Phase 1: Launch with GIF Post and Giveaway Contest

The brand revealed the 3 new shades of Creamy Bubble Color through a GIF post, and the post was used to encourage the audience participation in the giveaway contest. Every participant must like, comment and share the post to win a new Liese Dimensional Colors, thus soaring the engagement high.

Besides, to spread the words about the 3 new shades, we have utilized KOLs who had values and beauty routines that resonated well with the audience. 

KOLs across the country was engaged to promote and share the new shades that they loved through social media. As their followers take much regard for what they say, so we let the influencers do most of the talking to guide the audience on the product usage, review the product, as well as to shout out to retailers.

Phase 2: Educate the Audience on Product Usage with Tutorial Video

To top off this marketing campaign, we also created a tutorial video to demonstrate the simple steps to achieve the Japanese salon-inspired hair colour with Creamy Bubble Color. This helped to showcase the effects of each shade.

The Results

By running a social media campaign, Liese not only increased product awareness among the audience but also facilitated social media page growth:


  • 400k audience reached


  • 30% increase in page followers

Ready to Create Your Social Media Campaign?

Social media campaign is a great option if you want to promote your brand or product fast and on a large scale. When you launch a social media campaign that gets out the word about your new product, people aware of your new product and you create audiences’ interest in buying your product.

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