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Kao Biore & Liese Malaysia Ran Social Media Campaign To Promote J-Beauty Products

Kao Biore & Liese Malaysia Ran J-Beauty Social Media Campaign s

This April, Kao Malaysia wanted to raise awareness of their Japanese Beauty products while educating their audience on the essentials for Japanese Beauty products in the new norm behavioural shift.

With these objectives, Kao Biore Malaysia and Liese Malaysia to launch a J-Beauty Facebook Live campaign on social media platforms, leveraging content marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, and digital advertising to highlight their beauty products and ultimately increase conversion.

Check out below what the brands have done in this campaign.

Raise Campaign Awareness through FB Event Page & KOL Teaser Video

In the initial stage, an event page was set up on Facebook to create excitement and awareness on the J-Beauty Live and give their audience a notification and reminder to join the Facebook Live.

Apart from that, the brand also engaged with KOLs to create a teaser video to excite and tease fans to stay tuned to the upcoming J-Beauty Live, where they will be sharing J-Beauty tips and amazing giveaways.

Engage & Educate Audience On J-Beauty Tips Through Facebook Live And KOL Collaboration

This is followed by a Facebook Live, featuring 2 local KOLs to share on their hair styling and skincare routine using Liese and Biore products. This includes making a product demo and giving live reviews to highlight how the J-Beauty kit consisting of skincare and hair dye products can help the audience adapt to the new norm.

IH Digital has supported the brand in campaign planning and execution, from video storyboarding and KOL engagement to Facebook Live management.

Boost Conversion with Collaborative Ads

Concurrently, the conversion tracking Collaboration Ads were also running on Facebook and Instagram to directly link the interested buyers to their online Watson and Guardian stores. The ads allow users to view the product catalogue and lead them to retail sites to complete the purchase.

J-Beauty Collaborative Ads

Facebook Collaborative Ads of J-Beauty Campaign

Ready to Launch Your Social Media Campaign?

A social media campaign is a great option if you want to promote your brand or product fast and on a large scale. When you launch a social media campaign that gets out the word about your product, people aware of your new product and you can increase conversion for your online store.

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