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Kao Biore Tapped Into Content Marketing to Increase Conversions

Taps Into Content Marketing to Boost Sales Conversion

Kao Biore is Japan’s No.1 skincare brand that provides protective skin solutions to give radiant beautiful skin. In conjunction with the summer season, Kao MY Biore launched limited-edition UV products and wanted to get more exposure and conversions for their new products.

The brand launched Biore UV Summer Limited Edition Products Campaign on social media platforms, leveraging on content marketing to introduce their new products and eventually create buying interest.

In this campaign, Biore has developed GIFs and a series of product photography featuring the products. The creative contents were then released on Kao Biore’s Facebook and Instagram page, with links directing the audience to their online Watson and Guardian stores.

GIF of Biore UV Tone Up Milk

GIF of Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence 85g

Product Photography of Biore’s Limited Edition Products

Product Photography of Biore’s Limited Edition Products

With this campaign, Kao MY Biore achieved 20% growth in page engagement and reach.

Increase Conversions through Content Marketing

Content marketing is an important element for all marketing activities, businesses use them to connect with their audience. Creating and distributing visual appealing, relevant, and consistent content helps you to catch the audience’s eyeballs, and eventually turn them into customers.

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