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Kakak, Korean Influencer in Malaysia, Shares Her Thoughts on Miga Chu Luv Instant Ttoppoki

Kakak, Korean Influencer in Malaysia, Shares Her Thoughts on Miga Chu Luv Instant Ttoppoki

Check out what Kakak, a popular Korean influencer based in Malaysia, has to say about Unione’s latest product – Miga Chu Luv. 

Korean influencer Kakak, whose network of followers and fans are from Malaysia, is the latest personality to try out Miga Chu Luv, the Halal-certified instant tteokbokki brand of Unione.  

She made a simple yet engaging, and short but funny video-review about Miga Chu Luv. Kakak’s comments were published on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. And her Malaysian audiences and followers loved them. Some of them even expressed interest and curiosity on wanting to try Miga Chu Luv for themselves.  

All her videos generated a combined total of more than 10,000 views from the three social networking sites, and gained over 1,500 interactions. As a result, Unione was able to achieve its objective of expanding Miga Chu Luv’s presence in Malaysia.  

About Kakak Korea 

Kakak is a Korean influencer based in Malaysia. Since 2020, she has gained popularity among Malaysian audiences for producing contents related to Korean lifestyle. From well-known dishes such as ttoppoki to fitness regimes, Malaysians look up to Kakak Korea in finding the latest Korean trends and ultimately, learn more about Korean culture.  

She has over 86,000 subscribers on YouTube, more than 116,000 followers on Facebook, and a growing following base of 11,000 on TikTok.  

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