Influencer Marketing

5 Ways Influencers Can Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media influencers create a huge impact in the digital marketing game.

The future of digital marketing now is filled with social influencers – next to methods such as SEO and SEM. Today, influencers can be independent bloggers, TV personalities, and even celebrities. But how do these people help digital agencies with their digital marketing strategies?

Influencers Instantly Increase Your Audience and Help You Build Authentic Relationships with Them

With thousands or millions of people looking up to them, their opinion on virtually any issue, product or business matters. In fact, a lot of people say that they trusted influencers and seek their recommendations on social media. According to reports, consumers even believe that influencers are more genuine than what celebrities endorse on TV. As such, getting the right influencers for your market will surely increase your audience even more.

Such is the case for Merries Malaysia, who worked with IH Digital, to tap mommy influencers in promoting their diaper products.

They Help You Establish Brand Credibility

Another thing influencers do to help you is that they build an authentic relationship between you and your target audience. By now, your audience is curious enough to visit your website and social media accounts and they actually want to hear more about your digital brands. Still, you will need the help of influencers to give a second opinion about what your brand offers. Let them boast your edge among others.

They Produce Expert Contents

Part of your social media strategy should be creating enticing content for your audience. Influencers can help you create content that your audience really wanted to hear from you. This helps you create an access to their knowledge and expertise as well.

They Improve Your Search Ranking

The search engine sites are like fighting arenas for most digital marketing companies competing for the top spot. Collaborating with influencers improve your rank on search engines because they could also link their personal blogs, vlogs, or social media posts to your website. They have the power to make consumers or clients search for you by just mentioning your brand to their audience!

You’ll Have Better ROI

As a digital marketing agency, your goal is to have a better return on what you invested in your digital marketing campaigns. Research suggests that influencer-created contents give back 11x better ROI than any other digital marketing forms. Brands wa ith limited budget should consider influencers marketing as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Enhance Your Digital Marketing Campaign With IH Digital

Creating digital marketing campaigns for your brand has never been this easy with the help of influencers. If you don’t know where to start, IH Digital plans, strategise, and implements digital marketing strategies with expertise and experience. We connect with and manage KOLs and influencers to help brands achieve their social media marketing objectives with ease. Get in touch with us today.