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Benefits of doing regional marketing with IH Digital

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Our goal is to promote and market your product and services around the world. With our 8 offices in strategic countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vietnam, we can deliver regional marketing campaigns to increase awareness and create interests in various countries. Learn the benefits when you do regional marketing with IH Digital.


IH Digital has various in-house systems to help us be more competent and well-organized with our marketing strategy and solutions. We can visualise a bigger picture for your brand with the help of our trained and experienced digital consultants to meet your digital strategy needs. On top of that, we have innovative tools to deliver effective marketing solutions for your company and brand.


We have offices operating across eight different countries; our multi-language and cultured team function strategically within the same time zones. We take these as an advantage to meet regional campaign needs of fast turnaround time. Furthermore, we help clients to seamlessly put their brand’s image and voice through different digital platforms with our capability to adapt different languages and reach out to various culture by planning strategic social media content.

Jin Air posts in seven different language

Travel 141 articles translated into five different language


Regional marketing is always a challenge in coordination and cost, especially in finding the right digital advertising agency to save you from all the stress you can get from streamlining digital strategies to executing marketing campaigns. We understand the challenges as we have been working on businesses with regional marketing needs. Even more, IH Digital offers a diverse but synchronise social media strategy and marketing solutions through quality creative services in design, visuals, and development.


We believe that accuracy and result-oriented traits help to minimize campaign errors. Additionally, systemic approach is also applied to create and optimise marketing campaigns. Our goal is to provide you with the best outcome possible without forsaking creativity.


Let’s meet your marketing needs by being efficient, coordinated, cost-friendly and consistent. Contact us now to know more about the services we can offer for your marketing and digital advertising needs.