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Social Media: ATC makes Influencer Marketing more convenient!

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Reaching your target customers in different markets, language and culture is not an easy job. Influencer marketing bridges that gap but it is also a challenge to execute as it requires more effort than your usual marketing campaign. So, what is the best way to make influencer marketing possible? The solution is right here!

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Asia Travel Club leverages on social commerce and messaging platforms to provide a new engagement environment for influencers and travel brands across ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Greater China, Japan and South Korea. ATC platform simplifies and automates the connection between travel brands and influencer.

Partnering up with ATC and its registered influencers could drive awareness, interest and more. The recommendations from influencer generate leads directly to brands’ websites which means increased revenue from direct bookings. You can reach ATC through IH Digital’s contact page for enquiries.

How ATC works

Firstly, ATC will help to identify prominent and relevant influential people on social media. Recruitment will be based on the number of followers, quality of content, and the ability to generate positive influence for better brand awareness and real experience reviews.

As ATC Partners, you will be given permission to access travel influencers’ details and sort out their application. Then, you can proceed on choosing the social media influencer you consider suitable for your marketing campaign. After completing all the process, ATC will send an activity report for review.

Hotel Partners

Influencers across Asia can connect easily with ATC’s hotel partners to create social content that helps hotels to generate positive and meaningful social engagements.


Malaysia Malaysia

“ATC has a team of professional and we are satisfied with their services. They do an excellent job and we foresee the potential to scale direct bookings from specific markets, internationally.”

-Dato Wong, CEO of Le Apple Boutique Hotel


Social Media: ATC makes influencer marketing more convenient! | IH MY Social Media: ATC makes influencer marketing more convenient! | IH MY


Social Media: ATC makes influencer marketing more convenient! | IH MYSocial Media: ATC makes influencer marketing more convenient! | IH MY


List of Influencers

ATC’s influencer list includes famous bloggers and social media influencers at home and overseas such as China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines. Industry partners can view and sort out the list of influencers qualified or they deem suitable for the objectives of their campaign.

Reviews from Influencers for Hotel Partners

Translation: #Spring Travel# #Travel to Malaysia# #Travel to Malacca#

From Kuala Lumpur to Malacca, the biggest feeling is that there are more Chinese elements. Zheng He docked here six times during his voyages to the western seas, and many relics are still preserved today.

In Treasures Hotel & Suites, there is not only Chinese signs, but also Chinese-speaking staff and boss, and the decoration is also Chinese style, it makes me have a sense of belonging in a foreign country. Please don’t worry about English for communication, they will give a map when you go outside.

(ps. Picture 9 is the boss of hotel, the coffee shops and attractions from his recommendation are very good.)

This influencer’s review for Treasures Hotel & Suites, gained 68 likes, 58 shares, and 103 comments on his Weibo account.

Translation: #Kuala Lumpur trip# ##Travel to Malaysia#

Check in the Leapple boutique hotel for this trip, the hotel is near the KLCC MRT station, it’s only 100 meters to Petronas Twin Towers from Hotel. It’s also surrounded by various business districts, night markets and parks, and is only five stations from KL Sentral which the city’s largest bus interchange center, then you can go to any interesting place in Kuala Lumpur from here. Leapple boutique hotel is comfortable, just like you stay at The Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, but the price is only about 200 RMB per night.

He has also delivered another amazing content for Leapple Boutique Hotel. His post in his Weibo account has reached 93 comments, 63 shares, and 72 likes.

Translation: #金芒vlog# [02. Detective shop Kuala Lumpur] A well-known and popular hotel known to Chinese tourists, directly connected to two large shopping malls and only one stop from the city center. I went to Kuala Lumpur for a few days, and I was left to the [Grand Garden New Season Hotel] in one day. The hotel has the pool, gym, lounge and high-end restaurant, the room is five-star level and absolutely clean, and more importantly, not expensive! ! Downstairs lobby is directly connected to a high-end shopping mall that covers a lot of luxury brands. There is also a mass mall connected to it. More than 600 brand stores, children’s centers, two cinemas, VR game centers, catering centers, local red snacks have everything… Get it in one stop! And most of the clerk and the front desk will also speak Chinese, young people want to go free and afraid that English is not good, live here is not wrong! !

With the variety of media, another influencer has given his awesome review through his vlog. Solely for The Gardens Hotel, his vlog has gained a positive reaction from the audience with over 300 shares, 400 comments, and 500 likes.

Translation: During my visit to Kuala Lumpur this time, I stayed in Leapple boutique hotel, With just 100 meters away from the city’s landmark – Petronas Twin Towers, you could reach this hotel with bus and change to KLCC Subway Station. You could also enjoy the view from your room’s window. You could also find the variety of business districts, night markets and parks around the hotel. Only 5 stops away from KL Sentral, you could go to almost all the famous attractions in Kuala Lumpur. Not only comfortable, but Le Apple Boutique hotel is also affordable with only RMB 200, the same price just like when you travel to Shanghai and live at the foot of the Oriental Pearl Tower, the price is worth every penny. In addition, there is a Japanese shop on the ground floor of the Hotel. The ingredients are fresh, the taste is quite authentic, and more importantly is the dining environment is very relaxing and pleasant.

Another influencer also shared a positive review of Le Apple Boutique Hotel through and during his vacation in Malaysia.

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