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Honda Malaysia’s #RideTheDream Launch Goes Live on Facebook Video

facebook-video-ih-digital-malaysia (1)Honda Malaysia showed an effective content marketing and social media marketing strategy by launching the #RideTheDream campaign in a live Facebook video.

Honda Malaysia rode on the Facebook Live video trend and launched the #RideTheDream campaign, which introduced the all-new civic model. Through the help of IH Digital Malaysia, the sleek and innovative design and outstanding technologies of the10th generation Honda Civic were highlighted in a live, high-quality Facebook video, which was presented by Hansen Lim. The #RideTheDream launch and promotion video aims to give viewers a rundown of the new Honda Civic’s bold styling and new technology features, including Remote Engine Start and Walk Away Auto Lock features, among others.

Sharing live streaming and event videos on Facebook is an effective way to generate organic reach, achieve high engagement rate, and drive deeper brand-consumer marketing communications.

The live Facebook video exhibited Honda Malaysia’s optimal content marketing and social media marketing strategy as the launch garnered 4 thousand views in just 30 minutes, as well as acquired 84 thousand unique viewers in 24 hours. In the 24-hour period, the Facebook video garnered 320 thousand reach with 5.5 thousand likes, 1.1 thousand comments, and 1.8 thousand shares. Both brands and digital marketing experts have been favouring the Facebook Live feature as it generates high organic engagement rate making it an ideal choice of social media marketing strategy to introduce and showcase the all-new 10th generation Honda Civic.

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