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How Honda Malaysia is Revving Up in Instagram with Content Marketing?

Instagram Content Marketing: How Honda Malaysia is Revving Up in Instagram with Content Marketing? | Digital 38

If you want to learn more on how social media platforms like Instagram, and effective content marketing, can bring so much wonders to your brand’s growth, check this case study featuring Honda Malaysia.  

Honda Malaysia Revving Up its Instagram, Content Marketing Game  

Japanese conglomerate Honda is enjoying an established and strong presence in key markets in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia. And one of their secrets? Well, it involves leveraging Instagram and content marketing.  

Honda Malaysia currently has a whopping 219,000 followers on Instagram, thanks to its well-planned social media and content marketing strategy. The team behind the brand’s successful Instagram journey geared their plans towards a more localised feel and look. The latest Honda car models are often featured in the country’s iconic spots like Kuala Lumpur’s impressive skyline.

And more recently, Honda Malaysia started venturing into short form videos on Instagram, called reels. As a result, they were able to amplify their branding message in a more interactive and engaging format.  

Check out more updates from Honda Malaysia by visiting their official Instagram account. Just click this link.  

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When it comes to social media marketing, business owners often take the wrong turn by implementing a one-solution-fits-all approach. Savvy brands know that in order to effectively leverage social networking channels, they need to learn how they function as well as their audiences.  

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