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Holiday Travel: Digital Influence on Traveler Behaviour

holiday-travelPeople turn to social media when deciding about their holiday travel. Make use of this topic while it's hot! Read more to learn why and how!

Holiday Travel Online Sharing

As the holidays approach, many people, groups and families get ready for their holiday travel. A lot of people are excited as we near to the day we swing to another year. It means holiday – Christmas and New Year celebration, where friends and families come together, bond and travel. It is not surprising that in this modernizing world, social media will become every traveler’s resource when planning about their holiday travel. Why? Because what people need to know are reviews from first-hand experiences in order to ensure that they get the best that they can expect when they travel. On this part of travel decision-making, travel sites with social interaction such as TripAdvisor become very useful for a lot of travelers.

In the next two months, topics about travel will certainly hit the social media world. Your social media friends and contacts will be sharing their travel experiences online. It is therefore brilliant to present your brand in a way that can be of support to this topic. In any part of the world, numerous people will be travelling. And whatever brand you hold, don’t overlook to ride with this trend as people will be searching a lot of it online, not to mention interacting on the social media only to get valuable information.

Asia Travel Trends

A reason to keep your brand’s social media presence in Asia is becoming more obvious around the world today. Based on the findings of ITB World Travel Trends Report, “Asia continues to be the driving force in international tourism.” Interestingly, as Asians become huge contributors to the travel market globally, most Asians also prefer to make their holiday travel within their own continent. Asia becoming the most popular destination around the world will only be followed by Europe and North America. Furthermore, growth is seen to continue in Asia. IPK International predicts that in the coming year (2015), Asian citizens will make above-average number of trips that can possibly outnumber other nations in terms of outbound travel market.

The Social Media Effect

Travel is becoming even more social these days. Travel bloggers are the biggest influencers on travelers’ behaviours. They can be social voices about travel brands and ideas! As people become more skilled in online research, online users are taking extra steps to use social media as a tool to get information about travel destinations, tips and reviews. Social media is becoming an integral part of travel planning. This month, as the holidays near, people around the world is expected to flood the online sphere with holiday topics and of course, holiday travel content.

Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube can be beneficial to your brand and your audience as well. As a marketer, you must make more use of social media in trying to influence audience’s behaviour towards travel. These days, many people are busy trying to consider options for their holiday travel destination. These people turn to the Internet to search, read reviews and be inspired through videos and images. This will be the perfect time to grab the online users’ attention and shift them to your brand through content. Travel and leisure brands have the best opportunity this holiday season!

Social media and online users are becoming smarter in selecting worthy-to-read content. Time is also becoming a big factor in today’s browsing experience among online users. That said, it is apparent that your market is more likely to search for valuable content. For instance, they can easily distinguish user-generated and professionally made videos. What you need to ensure as a marketer is giving out pleasing and valuable holiday travel information, and a smooth online experience to online users.