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How To Make A Great Brand Impression On Social Media

Build a great brand impression on social media! | Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the easiest way to reach your target market, and engage with influencers and brand ambassadors. Many start-ups use social media to introduce their brand because it’s the easiest to learn and also the cheapest. However, it is not easy to compete for attention on social media. Most businesses are just creating posts that don’t really create an impact. To avoid this, take a look at these tips which might help you create a great impression on social media.

Know your brand

You have to know your brand’s identity that when they ask you what it is, you can answer confidently even with your eyes closed. Your brand identity is how you will present your brand to the public. If you know your brand, you now have the idea who your target audience will be and how you want them to remember you. It will be easy for you to create a great brand impression on social media.

Decide on your social media objective first

Now that you have familiarized yourself to your brand and target audience, you can start to plan how your brand will be presented on social media. Remember that the first impression is the key to win your audience’s approval–whether they’ll like you or not; whether they follow your page or ignore it so be sure you plan it carefully.

Create a bond with your target audience

Build a great brand impression on social media! | Social media marketing
Araya Malaysia created a Facebook advertisement about their feminine wash which its target audience could relate to. Photo Courtesy: Araya Malaysia Facebook Page

 If you think that posting on social media alone can win your audience, you will only waste time and effort on each post. To win the attention of your target audience means creating a bond with them. How? Create relatable content. You can also create a striking title that makes them want to dig deeper and know your brand even more. Creating these will make them develop a bond to you which helps your brand get more likes, shares, and attractive comments in the future.

Attach an eye-catching image or video to your content

Visual is the face and post description is the heart of your social media posts. When people meet you for the first time, they first notice your outer appearance because they don’t know you yet. You are judged by how you look and dress up. The same thing goes when you are creating your first brand impression on social media. Your audience will first notice the image or video you post so make sure to create one that is so eye-catching they can’t even resist not knowing about it.


Write an effective call-to-action

One thing you shouldn’t forget is to write an enticing call-to-action. This is your way of inviting them to support your brand through likes, comments, follows, views, and of course to buy your products or avail your service. You’ve done your part, now they will do their part too.

Build a great brand impression on social media! | Social media marketing
Frehkon Malaysia created a Facebook advertisement with a call-to-action inviting all to their Buy 3 Take 1 Free promo on Freshkon Alluring Eyes lenses. Photo Courtesy: Freshkon Malaysia Facebook Page

Keep it short and simple

With different people and brands posting on social media, it is better to keep your content short and simple. According to research, Malaysians spend 3 hours a day on social media. With your audience’s time divided between work, family, and other activities outside social media, important to engage them quickly.

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