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GrabAds: Digital Advertising and Beyond

Grab Ads Digital Advertising Guide

GrabAds: A Massive Opportunity for Digital Advertising

People are always moving; plans are always changing and society is always in motion. Is your brand keeping up?

GrabAds, which was launched in 2018, is paving the way for brands to connect with its millions of Southeast Asian audiences throughout their Grab experience. Are you interested in exploring this online-to-offline advertising platform for your business? Here are where your campaign will be advertised:

Mobile Billboards

According to Grab, Grab drivers travel about 100 million kilometres each week and are seen by 9 million people across Southeast Asia. This data alone holds a lot of promise if you want your brand to be seen by the public’s eyes through eye-catching car wraps.

In-Car Engagement

Do you want your ads playing in front of a passenger? Go for digital displays. Alternatively, you can also opt for an in-car sampling campaign. No matter what you choose, your brand’s campaign is delivered in an immersive and interactive way without disrupting your audience’s daily commute.

In-App Opportunities

For digital marketers, in-app advertising opportunities is where GrabAds really thrive. There are three ways marketers can leverage GrabAds’s in-app advertising opportunities.

  • Targeted GrabGifts – Through this, users can enjoy your product or service as digital gift cards that can be redeemed via the Grab app. In addition, this format also allows you the opportunity to boost sales by offering a fixed discount on your product. Plus, you can also generate traffic to your e-commerce store or drive footfall to your brand’s events.
  • GrabDaily Widget – Meanwhile, if you want to focus on customer engagement, the GrabDaily Widget will be to your brand’s advantage. You will be reaching out to customers through quizzes, surveys, contests and more.
  • Sponsored Comms – With this ad format, you will narrow down Grab’s user base and focus on your preferred audience. These sponsored ads offer a wide range of formats and placements that suit a variety of businesses. These include Sponsored Native Image, Sponsored Native Video, Sponsored Places, Sponsored Places + GrabGift, Sponsored Inbox Notification and Sponsored My Ride Reward.

GrabAds: A Rundown of the Different Sponsored Ads

Digital marketers can choose from a wide variety of options ad formats.

A sample of different sponsored ads on GrabAds
Image Credit: Grab

The Sponsored Native Image/Video ad format is displayed on the Grab feed and comes with a landing page. The latter leads users to a Grab service that will let them book a ride to your store. Besides this, it can also direct users to an in-app web browser and learn more about your product. Meanwhile, the Sponsored Places ad format is found in the “Just for You” carousel that users scroll through on app’s home screen. Here, you can target users to book a ride directly to your business.

A sample of Sponsored Ads on GrabAds
Image Credit: Grab

Grab the opportunity with GrabAds!

As the ride-hailing industry leader, Grab’s presence in Malaysia and Southeast Asia cannot be denied. GrabAds is also poised to become a must on every digital advertising strategy. This is because GrabAds can build awareness, boost sales, drive footfall and engage customers. If you’ve ever wondered how you can reach more specific audiences, GrabAds is therefore the way to go.

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Get ready to meet your business goals with GrabAds

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