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Best FMCG Digital Marketing Agency with Good Malaysia Case Study

Best Digital Marketing Agency with Good Malaysia FMCG Client Case Study

Due to lockdown, consumers now are exposing to their phones and laptop screens. With the launch of e-commerce websites by FMCG brands, an increasing number of consumers are beginning to shop for FMCG products online. 

The FMCG marketplace is incredibly competitive. Therefore, a strong digital marketing strategy is indispensable for FMCG brands. Having a digital presence not only helps you capture the consumer who is ready to purchase but also to establish a relationship with them from the start.

IH Digital has a wealth of effective digital marketing techniques that reach your ideal customers and increase sales. Schedule a meeting with IH Digital to discuss your digital marketing needs. 

What IH Digital Can Do to Grow Your FMCG Brand?

We’ve got loads of experience working with FMCG brands, so we’ll have no problem maximising your budgets across multiple digital channels. From eye-catching campaigns to compelling showcases and beyond, our experience in FMCG digital marketing can get your products right in front of the audiences that are ready to buy.

Here are some ways we can boost your FMCG brand growth, right from creating awareness and brand building to driving conversions and cultivating brand loyalty.

1. Formulate Powerful FMCG Strategies Tailored to Your FMCG Business

Our account manager will work closely with you to have a thorough overview of your business objectives and get fully acquainted with your brand’s products or services. You can expect consistent communication from our dedicated account manager.

We will help you map out a data-driven FMCG digital marketing strategy that helps you outpace the competition, based on our in-depth research on your target audience, market and competitor.

2. Set Up An E-Commerce Website to Facilitate Customer’s Buying Journey

If you want to sell your FMCG product online, one thing you can’t ignore is to set up an online store. By having an e-commerce website or an online store in the marketplace, you can showcase your products, and provide product information, ultimately increase conversion.

We help FMCG brands to sell products online by building an online store on Shopify, Shopee or Lazada. Each platform has different requirements for setting up a business, so it’s always a good idea to speak to an e-commerce agency like Digital 38 to get professional advice on online store setup. 

Yuan Skincare MY Shopify Website

Yuan Skincare set up a Shopify e-commerce website to sell soap products to the Malaysian market

3. Drive Attention to Your E-commerce Website through Social Media

Once you’ve set up an online store, you need to think about how you’re going to get people to visit your store. Social media is one of the best platforms where you can build awareness and drive traffic to your website.

Maximize that connection by building a community of customers and fans, via social media to help your brand resonate with the audience. There are many strategies that can be executed on social media to drive revenue growth.

▶ Want to know what social media strategies can be employed? Find out in the case studies below.

Our marketing team offers an unrivalled level of expertise in helping FMCG brands leverage their social media to drive revenue growth. We have the platform expertise and the know-how to launch campaigns, targeted at the local market.

If you want to develop a social media marketing strategy, IH Digital will be there available for you at each stage, from researching and content creation and then finally performing the well-planned marketing campaign.

4. Consistently Engage With Your Audience through Content Marketing

FMCG brands often rely on tone and lifestyle appeal to entice sales. Content marketing should be in the very DNA of your brand. It’s not the end after setting up social media pages, you need to publish compelling content to engage consumers and direct them towards completing a purchase.

We focus on creating user-centric content that brings actual value to consumers’ lives. Through shareable content, helpful information and meaningful interaction, brands can continue to stay relevant at all times. This helps consumers recall your brand at the time of making a purchase decision.

FMCG Content marketing

From social media creatives to e-commerce website materials, we can handle everything. Our content team is capable of delivering content through a variety of format like video, GIF, illustration and product photography.

5. Widen Consumer Base through Influencer Marketing

Brands that remain solely product focussed will have a harder time generating enough attention online than those influencers who share their values with the audience.

This shift in marketing tactic has resulted in FMCG brands actively started collaborating with influencers as a method of sharing product awareness. When armed with influencers, you can directly impact buying decisions from discovery right through to purchase. 

Want to engage an influencer whose audience best matches your ideals? Look for ATC social, an influencer marketing agency that connects you with the right influencers in Malaysia.

6. Reach Most Valuable Customers via Digital Ads

With an increase in the number of FMCG products showing up online, digital advertising is one of the important avenues for FMCG marketing.

Digital advertising for FMCG brands needs to be integrated over various channels to have the maximum impact. This includes digital ads which play before a YouTube video, promoted through Facebook, Instagram, Google and much more.

We are a certified Google Partner with proven knowledge of Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads and Google Video Ads. Besides that, we also have the highest access level to Facebook Developers’ Marketing API, enabling us to manage and optimise your ads efficiently. 


Case Studies of FMCG Digital Marketing Strategy

Clothing Brand – Facebook Wall Contest to Engage with Audience

Uniqlo Malaysia celebrates Hari Raya in an interesting and interactive way on social media. They posted a 360 Image on their Facebook.

Diaper Brand – Digital Ads to Boost Sales for Online Store

Kao Merries Malaysia launched a social media ad campaign to increase product awareness and encourage the audience to make a purchase on their official Lazada stores. 


Skincare Brand – Facebook Live to Boost Product Awareness

Yuan Skincare Malaysia launched a Facebook Live recently to raise product awareness and direct people to their official Shopee store to increase sales.

Partner with Leading FMCG Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia

IH Digital is an experienced FMCG marketing agency based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In recent years, we’ve worked alongside a wealth of local and international FMCG companies, conducting integrated campaigns that are designed to capture customers at all stages of the buying cycle.

The strength of our FMCG marketing agency comes from our dedication, as we provide our clients monthly reports that assess our strategy and determine where we can make fine adjustments. Meanwhile, these thorough reports identify emerging trends and increase sales, helping our clients outshine their competition.

For more powerful digital marketing tactics with an agency, get in touch with us today!

About IH Digital 

IH Digital is an Asia-focused social media agency that provides consultancy service, leading companies with strategising and executing market readiness and market penetration plans across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia. Founded in 2006, IH Digital consists of teams with in-depth understanding of Asian markets and highly experienced in simplifying the complex process of planning and executing marketing campaigns across various channels in multiple languages.

Diversity is one of our key strengths and our Content and Social Experts enable the production of written content, images and videos for markets across Southeast Asia. Our certified media buyers and planners help bring customers through the marketing funnel and provide campaign optimisation to enhance clients’ return on their media investments. We provide direct media buying on digital advertising platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and Google, and in-market media buying on platforms like Grab, Spotify, Carousell, SGAG, The Smart Local, Mothership, OHBULAN, MGAG, and on various out-of-home (OOH) advertising platforms. ​​

IH Digital is a member of Digital 38 Group. 

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