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Optimising Business Strategies Through Facebook’s New Branded Content Marketing Tool

Content MarketingFacebook’s new branded content tool and policy provide plenty of content marketing, corporate videos and social media marketing opportunities for brands.

The latest updates expand brands’ content marketing opportunities on Facebook

In a recent announcement post, Facebook started rolling out the updated branded content policy to keep up with the growing demands of publishers and marketers. Branded content created by companies, businesses, media publishers, celebrities, and influencers, defined as a post that features a brand, third party product or sponsor, can now be shared by Verified Pages on Facebook. Moreover, they released a branded content tool that comes equipped with easy tagging features, enabling influencers and publishers to easily tag a sponsor in a branded content post as long as they adhere to Facebook’s ads policy and branded content policy. So aside from your friends’ posts, news, and the latest buzz about the Game of Thrones’ much-awaited Season 6 premiere, frequent Facebook users will be seeing more of these engaging text, image and video ads that are relevant to them.

Facebook’s new branded content tool and policy provide plenty of content marketing for brands

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How brands can leverage on the new policy and content marketing tool to improve business strategies

“This update is something that media companies, public figures, influencers, and marketers have been asking for, as branded content is a growing and evolving part of the media landscape”, posted by Facebook’s Product Manager Clare Rubin and Vice President of Partnerships Nick Grudin. Digital and social media marketing experts can now rejoice and revel in the freedom of sharing more quality content, be it in a form of a text, image, instant article, 360 video, links or live videos. Additionally, the newly added tool is a requirement when running a branded post and tagging a sponsor.

Although Facebook still prohibits overly promotional content such as pre-roll ads, persistent watermarks, sponsored cover photos, and profile pictures, the new policy still opens the floodgates for brands to effectively market their products or services. The new tool provides plenty of opportunities for brands to reach a wider audience, improve marketing communications, and monitor the performance of their ads and campaigns. Brands can place more socially relevant content in front of their target audience, which may result in increased sales conversion.

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