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Eucerin MY: The Power of Videos in Digital Marketing



Eucerin is a dermatologist-recommended brand known for developing skincare products that delivers healthy skin through well-researched facts with scientific basis. Its mission is to provide gentle and effective skincare products that are highly trusted by medical professionals. It offers a line of clinically proven products for cleansing, moisturising, healing and protection.

In 2014, Eucerin Malaysia widely introduced its new product called the Eucerin Soothing Cream through digital marketing, a revolutionary product that gives solution to one of the most common skin problems – redness and itchiness of the skin caused by dryness.


In conjunction with the introduction of the new product Eucerin Soothing Cream through digital marketing, Eucerin Malaysia aims to regain the brand’s image as an expert in sensitive skin through powerful internet marketing. Along with this objective is to create awareness that Eucerin offers the most complete regime for diseased skin needs through proper education of audience.

To encourage interaction and proper learning among audience and the brand, Eucerin Malaysia seeks to allow skin sensitive users to be able to communicate and seek advice from a dermatologist through the brand. Through this, the brand targets to stimulate viral engagement and active interaction.

Game Plan

To achieve its content marketing goal, Eucerin Malaysia, with the help of IH Digital, implemented a 3-phase digital marketing campaign through different digital channels – Facebook, Google Hangout and finally, YouTube.

Through social media marketing efforts on Facebook, the brand shares the most up to date stories about the campaign such as the teaser video and the Facebook application wherein fans can post testimonials and be directed to live chat apps and videos.

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Through the platform Google+ and Google Hangout, a recorded live chat scheduled every month from May until December 2014, allows fans to enquire and consult about their sensitive skin conditions and Eucerin products. A monthly quiz following the live chat and a section for testimonials are also part of this digital marketing campaign. Even more, participants in the live chat sessions were also able to get free Soothing Care Lotion. These live chat sessions were viewable via YouTube, which link can also be shared via Facebook. Through different platforms coupled with an absolute social media strategy, Eucerin Malaysia’s message was distributed more efficiently.

digital marketing | content marketing | internet marketing

Finally, through several doodling videos, Eucerin Malaysia was able to implement a successful marketing communications move by educating its fans better about skin problem, skin layer, skin cycle, skin types and ultimately, Eucerin products that can best solve these problems. The corporate video marketing strategy was a significant part of the campaign as its main focus is to create awareness through a more effective video marketing approach. The drawing video, that was planned to run a duration between 1 minute to 1.30 minutes, stemmed from the idea of educating audience in a more interesting and interactive way. Below are the doodling videos of Eucerin developed by IH Digital.

Drawing video #1: Posted July 2014

Drawing video #2: Posted September 2014

Drawing video #3: Posted December 2014


The video marketing strategy worked very well for Eucerin Malaysia. In fact, fans have increasingly loved the videos, recording almost double in the number of views in just 4 months. Meanwhile, on the other social media channels such as Facebook, Eucerin Malaysia garnered responses and testimonials that were generally positive for the brand. Interaction such as sharing and liking of the campaign-related posts increased significantly and active communication was apparent.

digital marketing | content marketing | internet marketing

The first doodling video posted in July 2014 recorded 56,504 and counting. By the time the second video went live, the number of views increasingly went up. The September doodling video now has 68,835. And finally, the last video was put up in December 2014. At the time of writing, the latest video records a successful 93,620.