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EDB SG Gains Attention with Strategic Media Campaigns

EDB SG Gains Attention with Strategic Media Campaigns

Government agencies in Singapore have been observed utilising media buy through popular digital and traditional platforms to convey their message to a larger audience. This has proved to be an effective means and one case in point is that of the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

The Singapore EDB, a government agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry, is responsible for strategies that enhance Singapore’s position as a global centre for business, innovation, and talent. With this duty at hand, reaching as many people to help their cause is crucial. One of EDB’s recent campaigns is to encourage Singaporean students in an out of the country to pursue an engineering profession in the city-state.  

Digital Media Buy: Reaching the Target Market Online Through Social Media

EDB has launched series of videos to promote their campaigns on the 3 big social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. In order to amplify this promotion, they looked into paid advertising considering that their target audience are young people who are substantially active on social media.  EDB remarkably benefitted from social media advertising as it helped them effectively penetrate their target audience.

 Some of the video advertisements by EDB propagated through Facebook media buySome of the video advertisements by EDB propagated through Facebook media buy


Traditional Media Buy: Reaching the Target Market Through OOH Advertising

Traditional outdoor or out-of-home (OOH) advertising has greatly helped multiple brands as it gets the attention of passers-by. When placed in an ideal location, it becomes more effective.

For instance, the government agency utilised areas frequented by the students such as public transport stations. They managed to place ads in the SMRT as well as bus stops, which rendered their promotion more visibility among their intended audience on a daily basis. Additionally, the strategic ad placement not only targets students, it caught the attention of the parents, too.

EDB’s strategic OOH ads placed in a bus stop in Singapore

EDB also placed OOH ads along the SMRT Circle Line (CCL)


Reinforcing Ideas Through Traditional and Digital Advertising

By employing media buy in different platforms, EDB successfully exhibited their message in both online and offline spheres. What’s more, they used a digital campaign to support their OOH campaigns. To constantly reinforce their message, EDB simultaneously initiated digital advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Gmail, and Spotify.

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Harnessing the Power of Digital and Traditional Media Buy

Paid advertising is a powerful way to reach the desired audience. With widely used search engines, social media websites, and strategic OOH placements, government agencies like the Singapore EDB now has the capacity to control where and how their message can be seen by their intended audience.

However, media buying should be managed carefully in order to produce measurable results. Overcoming the difficulties of each media buy requires an experienced partner. If you’d like to know more how you can take your campaign to the next level through media buy, get in touch with IH Digital today! With multiple offices around Asia and countless media buy experience for each country, you can seamlessly achieve your goal without breaking a sweat.