E-Commerce: The Benefits Of A LazMall Store

The benefits of a LazMall Store

Did you know that of the 26 million Malaysian internet users between the ages of 16 and 64, 80% of them are shopping online? In fact, Malaysians’ e-commerce spending in 2019 only trails behind Singapore. If you are eager to capitalise on Malaysians’ strong e-commerce sector, then it’s time you pay attention to the country’s 9th most visited website and 7th mobile app with the most active users—e-commerce giant Lazada.

LazMall Store: Why It’s Time for You to Set Up One

Is your brand in the electronics, fashion, beauty, food, personal care, toys, furniture or appliances sector? There’s no better time than today to get started on your very own Lazada store. Why? These were the sectors that Malaysians spent the most on in 2019. And with e-commerce growing stronger, now’s the time to greenlight your e-commerce plans.

What is LazMall?

A screengrab of LazMall Malaysia stores
A screengrab of LazMall Malaysia stores | Image Credit: Lazada Malaysia

But first, what exactly is LazMall? LazMall separates itself by housing a selection of brands and authorized brand distributors. The e-commerce company compares the LazMall experience to shopping at a department store where you are certain about the quality of the products.

LazMall delivers on three key promises:

  1. 100% authenticity
  2. 15 Day Easy Returns
  3. Next Day Delivery

How Will Your Brand Benefit from Being a LazMall Seller?

A presence on Lazada’s e-commerce website alone is good. But having that LazMall badge on all your products will do wonders for your brand’s credibility and sales. Here are the four ways your brand will benefit from signing up as a LazMall Seller.

A screengrab of Merries Malaysia’s LazMall store | Image Credit: Lazada Malaysia

You’ll be included in a brand-dedicated channel. The authenticity of your store and products are easily communicated when you’re part of this exclusive channel.

A screengrab of diaper brands being on top of search results
A screengrab of diaper brands being on top of search results | Image Credit: Lazada Malaysia

Search results prioritise your products. You’ll be on top of customers looking for products that you are selling.

LazMall sellers prioritised in search results for diapers
An example of LazMall sellers prioritised in search results for diapers | Image Credit: Lazada Malaysia

Higher homepage visibility and higher search ranking. Even if customers don’t search your products during every visit, there’s a high chance your LazMall store will be seen on the homepage alone.

A screengrab of brand events on LazMall
A screengrab of brand events on LazMall | Image Credit: Lazada Malaysia

Exclusive campaigns for LazMall Sellers. From Super Brand Day to Brand Mega Offers, these special campaigns ensure that you have additional exposure on the Lazada homepage.                                                       

Are you ready to start selling on Lazada?

One of the most important requirements to set up your LazMall account is that you should either be a brand owner or an authorised brand distributor. However, it’s just one part of the process. If you are keen to scale your business on Lazada and drive revenue through e-commerce, contact us today and we’ll get the ball rolling for you.

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