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Digital Marketing Update: Facebook Carousel Ads now allows more visuals to be included

woman with influencer phone in the parkWith the use of more visuals, Facebook allows more flexibility in social media advertising and better digital marketing and content marketing strategies.

Facebook has doubled the number of images and videos that can be included in its carousel ads. Since its introduction in 2014, businesses have chosen to use this advertising format as it continues to generate success in numbers for their digital marketing campaigns. And with the added number of visual cards, we can expect the effectiveness of digital marketing to be magnified with the use of more images and videos.

How brands and businesses can benefit from this new update?

This comes as great news for brands and businesses that are leveraging on Facebook to optimise their digital marketing and content marketing strategies. As the saying goes, the more the better. With the use of more images and videos, Facebook allows a greater flexibility in social media advertising. Brands worldwide can now showcase a wider range of their products and services, making it easier to share their stories through successive carousel cards in a single Facebook advertisement.

With this new update, brands and businesses are allowed to explore and develop their own distinct social media marketing strategy. They can fully engage with their target audience and communicate their brand messages well.

With clear differentiation from competitors, brands and businesses can promote their selling points and increase the chances of sales conversion. Gone are the days when all the carousel ads look similar to each other. We can look forward to seeing more engaging digital marketing tactics.

Looking to start your next digital marketing campaign?

Using Facebook and other social media platforms to enhance online advertising in Malaysia is becoming a necessity. With this increase in the numbers of images and videos to be included in Carousel Ads, the potential of social media marketing is higher than before.

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