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Digital Marketing: Twinings Malaysia Hari Raya campaign

Digital Marketing: Twinings Malaysia Hari Raya campaignTwinings Malaysia combines Hari Raya greeting and Facebook contest to engage with audience celebrating this festive season.

Nowadays, most people often use social media as a tool for keeping up with their favourite brands as well as discovering new products. By using digital marketing tactics, smart marketers are seizing this opportunity to strengthen their presence on social media during holiday seasons throughout the year.

In Malaysia, Hari Raya is one of the most celebrated festivals by the locals every year. Many marketers are reconnecting with their customers on social media for digital media marketing purposes through the hype of the festive season. Twinings Malaysia, a reputable English Tea company, incorporates GIF and Facebook contest as their social media campaign in conjunction of Hari Raya.

Creating GIF to engage with audience

The use of Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is now a big part of social media. Let’s face it, it’s getting more difficult to capture audiences’ attention online. Considering GIF production as an online marketing strategy, the users are likely to consume the information easily. Instead of a static and monotonous image, many marketers begin to use GIFs as an online marketing strategy to tell a story or to show the personality of a product. Plus, it helps to create a deep and special relationship with fans. An endearing, funny or creative GIF can be part of the digital marketing campaign to increase social media presence.

Facebook wall contest to driving engagement

The truth is, consumers would not want to hear about the products all the time. Marketers need to play an important role here to target the audiences with a creative approach. There’s no doubt you’ve heard marketers are using the Facebook contest as a digital marketing strategy to boost engagement because people usually like receiving free stuff and prizes through social media platforms.

With the help of IH Digital, an online advertising agency in Malaysia, Twinings Malaysia integrates GIF and Facebook contest as their social media campaign for Hari Raya. Participants will have to provide their comments, as well as to share the post and tag three friends. The GIF production included heartwarming Hari Raya wishes and a product from the brand itself. Through this digital marketing campaign, the wall contest garnered more than 11k social actions within two weeks.

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