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Digital Marketing: Video content on social media featuring Najwa Latif

najwaKao Laurier Malaysia uses digital marketing to promote their product through video content featuring Malaysia’s teen idol, Najwa Latif on social media.

We want everything to be delivered fast, particularly living in the social media world when we are hungry for information. If you’re often scrolling on Facebook, you must be enjoying the automated two to three-minute videos on your screen rather than squinting your eyes reading a long text. Just because, videos are able to help businesses to communicate better and easier with target audiences especially in digital marketing.

As compared to text and images, using video production as a content marketing strategy can be more appealing to catch the attention of users. If you’re using video content in the digital marketing effort, there are several advantages you can certainly enjoy to help your business grow.


One of the most difficult parts of social media marketing we have come across is getting audiences’ attention. Netizens are usually overwhelmed with myriad marketing messages on social media. Therefore, they are not keen to read another lengthy product description or sales emails. Be straightforward to the audiences, video production is the way out to catch audiences’ attention to convey your message. Just like what Kao Laurier has recently done, they are featuring Malaysia’s teen idol Najwa Latif and has garnered a great amount of audience.


The integration of sound and images have the power to evoke the emotion more effectively rather than the text alone. Video production on social media marketing offers the opportunity to connect viewers’ heart and brains to business products and services. In the videos produced by Kao Laurier, Najwa shares her story of her life as a singer in Malaysia. She talks about how blessed she is to have her family as her pillar of strength in the singing career. In the end of the video, she inspires female viewers to join her as #LaurierGoGirl to have confidence and positivity.

Perceived Value

People absorb information faster when delivered visually and verbally at the same time. Video content marketing strategy can help the audience understand your message. We are aware of the price to pay for video production. Ultimately, your audience will notice if you share a video. People spend longer time on your social media page, provide more contact information and pay higher prices when using video production in digital marketing. The successful Kao Laurier video featuring Najwa Latif has reached up to more than 728K video views.

If you are looking for effective ways to rapidly expand your business, then you should include video production in your digital marketing mix. Are you looking to start your digital marketing campaign? IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, provides the service to cater your digital needs. Drop us a message and learn more about our services.