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Naver Marketing : Naver Blogs and the Power of Naver Search

digital-marketing-korea-digital-agency-singaporeKoreans search online for almost everything. This consumer trend is greatly significant for marketers if they want to attempt Digital Marketing in Korea.

Naver Search: What does “Search” mean to Koreans?

A Korean professional working in Seoul is going to meet his friend after work, in Gangnam, the center of Seoul. And unconsciously he searches “Good restaurants in Gangnam”, and reads through the reviews that Korean bloggers have posted on their blogs.

Meanwhile, another Korean professional is interested to buy a luggage for her first overseas trip during her long holiday. She has no time for offline shopping, so she has decided to buy one online. The first thing she did was to search “durable luggage recommendations”. On the search result appeared a list of pretty luggage, where she found her “right one” and bought it.

Koreans search online for almost everything – shopping, food, product reviews and travel ideas, to name a few, basically because Koreans tend to review pros and cons before purchasing almost anything. This unique Korean consumer trend is greatly significant that brand marketers in Korea should not take a second though about taking this into consideration when targeting the Korean market.

Korean consumers search relevant keywords online and recognize the brands that appear often on the search results. This leads to the “Zero/One moment of truth”.

It is therefore significant for marketers to consider Naver Marketing, which covers Naver Search, Naver Blog and Naver Blog Management with the aim of effective Korea Marketing.

Naver Search: A service that goes together with Blog Management

Naver Search aims to provide more convenient, precise and faster search results. Naver analyzes Naver users’ online search environment and patterns to be able to offer optimized search results.

Recently, to counter DAUM’s new Kakao Search Service – a mobile-optimized search service – Naver launched Multimedia Search followed by Regional Search, Tag Search and Real-time Search. The launch of these new search services by Naver was interpreted as a sign that Naver is building mobile-friendly search environment, responding to overall change of online search behavior – from PC search to mobile search.

Blog Management: Paying Attention to Personalized Information, Consumer Behavior, and Consumers’ Interest

Korean consumers search relevant keywords online and recognize the brands that appear often on the search results

Naver is now on its track to change from desktop search to mobile search. Desktop search offers broad information as compared to mobile search, which provides more customized information.

At this juncture, customer behavior patterns should be contain deeper, more human and quality analyses, rather than the classic consumer analysis which measures by demographic ways in the past such as age, gender, occupation and the like. Although these basic information are still vital, there are more quality information and data that can lead to better optimization of digital marketing korea actions.

The Search Ads trend, in the same way, did not remain constant. Not long ago, it was enough with simply setting a specific duration that the Ads will run online. Today, however, Search Ads target specified people via RTB (Real-Time Bidding).

When it comes to Blog Management, focusing on blog content itself is essential to make blog visitors – who visited the blog through relevantkeywords search – stay longer on the blog. This will only be possible when a blog is filled with high-quality content. How will you do this without making your blog flood with focus keywords? Three things: 1. Understand the content plan; 2. Mention specific keywords with clear verbs or action such as “travelling in Manila for vacation”; and 3. Mention the keywords frequently but not to the point of destroying your piece. Remember, quality content with relevant keywords always win the search.

Whether your office is located inside or outside Korea, you can market your products and services to the Korean market through Naver blog. Are you interested in Korean Digital Channels, Korean Digital Marketing, Video Marketing and Korean Online Marketing? Check out more about Naver Marketing and Video Marketing here.

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