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Successful Digital Marketing Campaign by Honda Malaysia

Honda-Malaysia-IH-DigitalIn partnership with a digital marketing agency, Honda Malaysia successfully used Facebook Live as a digital marketing strategy for the #RideTheDream launch.

Honda Malaysia has experienced large successes with its recent Facebook videos. The microvideos released for their Honda Civic #RideTheDream digital marketing campaign gained over 760,000 views overtime and over 11,800 engagement, including likes, shares, and comments. The Facebook Live videos released for the launch of Honda Civic and Honda Accord attained huge numbers as well, amounting to over 150,000 views overtime.

Since Facebook announced the launch of Facebook Live, Honda Malaysia quickly adapted the new feature as one of their digital marketing strategy to launch the all-new Honda Civic as part of their #RideTheDream campaign. With the help of IH Digital Malaysia, Honda was able to harness the power of live video and well-directed microvideos and communicate their #RideTheDream story, while building a unique and intimate relationship with the audience.

Microvideos: A Creative Twist on Videos

Honda Malaysia chose to pique their fans’ interests, by releasing a series of microvideo teasers of the all-new Honda Civic showing bite-sized contents of its brand new and improved features, like the Earth Dreams Technology engine, Remote Engine Start and Walk Away Auto Lock. With these, Honda was able to share key information graciously but straightforward, without revealing too much before the actual launch:

Facebook Live: Connect, Engage, Inspire

IH Digital Malaysia executed a well-coordinated content marketing and social media strategy for Honda Malaysia, by choosing to launch the All-New Honda Civic in a live, well-directed Facebook Live video. IH Digital did a comprehensive planning from developing a creative storyboard and script to producing the video using high-quality production equipment, with the help of the professional API provided by Facebook. The planning process was very efficient as the team was able to execute the campaign within a few days without any hiccups.


  • It garnered 4 thousand views in just the first 30 minutes it was up
  • Garnered 5.5 thousand likes, 1.1 thousand comments, and 1.8 thousand shares, in just 24 hours.

Following the huge success of the Honda Civic Facebook Live video, Honda Malaysia released another successful Facebook Live video announcing the all-new Honda Accord. This was done with the help of IH Digital Malaysia again.

How Facebook Video can help your digital marketing campaign

Connecting with your customers through Facebook Live helps them to get to know your brand better. It is engaging in nature which allow you to interact and build a relationship with your fans. It also serves as a source for future content and engagement.

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