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Digital Marketing: Facebook Live for Honda Malaysia’s CR-V Launch

digital-marketing-Honda-Malaysia-CRV (1040x490)Honda Malaysia streamed a Facebook Live video as part of their digital marketing campaign to promote the all-new Honda CR-V.

Honda Malaysia streamed a Facebook Live video to showcase their all-new Honda CR-V model and its features to their social media fans online. This social video is part of the brand’s digital marketing campaign to promote the launch of the latest Honda CR-V.

From forward-collision deterrence to driver cruising aid, this Facebook Live video managed to encapsulate the new exclusive features of the CR-V model within a mere 5 minutes. With strong visuals and concise explanations, the social media audience is better able to understand the mechanisms behind the new and improved CR-V model and why this car model reigns as the undisputed leader on the roads.

This social media marketing campaign executed by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, has reached out to 369,000 online viewers. The social video is very well-received among social media fans with over 1,000 shares and 7,000 likes.

Aside from the Facebook Live streaming, this digital marketing strategy also comprises of two more product videos. These social media videos help to drive the hype surrounding the All-new Honda CR-V. The interviews with local car experts add credibility to the quality of the Honda SENSING features. These videos differentiate Honda CR-V from the rest and legitimise its status as the undisputed leader on the roads.

Optimising your digital marketing campaign through Facebook Live & other Social Media Videos

Video Marketing is widely used in digital marketing in Malaysia. The beauty of video marketing lies in the ability to convey brand messages effectively in a succinct and engaging manner. You can share about 1.8 million words in one minute of video.

Facebook Live Streaming is a digital tool that is widely utilised by marketers today. This digital marketing tactic is truly unique as it establishes a connection between the brand and its followers in real time.

Social videos are digitised videos, designed to be seen and shared through social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. This is a great opportunity for you to increase video views, social engagement and of course, your social media fan base.

Make use of videos for your next social media marketing campaign! Let us help you with the planning and execution of your video production. Talk to one of our digital marketing specialists today.