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Digital Marketing Milestone: GSC Movies’ Train to Busan is a Box Office Hit!

Train-To-Busan-GSC-MoviesThrough partnership with IH Digital Malaysia and a 360 digital marketing campaign, GSC Movies' "Train to Busan" reaches RM20 Million in Malaysia box office.

GSC Movies, Malaysia’s leading independent movie distributor, reached a ground-breaking milestone with “Train to Busan” earning RM20 Million in just 2 weeks, making it a local box office hit! Through a partnership with a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, IH Digital, GSC Movies launched a 360-degree digital marketing campaign that launched the South Korean movie in Malaysian cinemas, making it as well the most talked about zombie movie online.

Prior to its release on September 8, with the help of IH Digital Malaysia’s digital marketing services, GSC Movies deployed creative and informative digital content that helped spread the buzz in time for the movies launch. By using SEO tools, social media marketing strategies, and online advertising, GSC Movies was able to utilize all their digital channels, from their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, and WeChat:

Google Plus - GSC (1)

WeChat - GSC (1)

During its one-week show period in August 27, the movie made a whopping RM4.8 million, which grew to RM 16.3 million on it’s official opening week. It is now the highest-grossing South Korean movie in the country, and is still showing in 119 cinemas nationwide, continuing to break sales records.


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With GSC Movies and IH Digital Malaysia’s collaborative efforts, the movie was able to reach every fan across multiple platforms through this integrated content marketing campaign that helped make “Train to Busan” truly a box office hit.

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