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Creative Short Recipe Videos for Digital Marketing

Digital-Marketing-Using-Short-Recipe-Videos-to-enhance-your-contentProducing cooking tutorials for Facebook videos is the new trend for digital marketing. Here's how you can utilize short videos for your next strategy.

While cooking tutorials aren’t exactly new on the digital marketing department, netizens’ interest towards recipe videos is still sustained till today.

Recipe tutorials in the form of short videos are considered as a widespread digital phenomenon. Marketers and businesses have started to recognize its power and embrace the ease of sharing these fast-loading videos across social media platforms other than YouTube.

One may ask, “What makes recipe videos wildly popular?” The answer lies in considering the common ground of most people: Food. Not to mention, short videos rendered in small amount of time are also “digestible” in nature, suiting people’s fast-paced lives and brief attention span.

Short Recipe Videos as a Digital Marketing Strategy

Those who are aiming to connect with audiences and garner attention towards their brand should be paying close attention to the fast-growing short video trend on social media. Listed below are a few Facebook video recipe tutorials developed by IH Digital, a digital agency in Malaysia that had people running towards their kitchen in a snap.

In this tutorial video, Panasonic Singapore shares a simple and no-cook recipe using Panasonic’s very own “Veggie Life Crops”. The colourful aesthetic of the video played a huge role in attracting massive numbers of page viewers and audiences.

Short cooking videos can also be a hit. This Roast Turkey with Oriental Toppings Recipe is Panasonic Singapore’s way of promoting and demonstrating the usage of their kitchen appliances to create a savoury and mouth-watering dish for fans to try.

BOH Tea Malaysia’s short videos are successful in giving fans numerous ideas on how to incorporate their newly-released product, BOH Green Tea Latte into different recipes – From the traditional Iced Gem Biscuits and Agar-Agar to the seasonal and classic Jelly Mooncake and Hot Tea.

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