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Digital Marketing: Costa Asia Optimizes Website Design for Mobile

Costa-Asia-VictoriaCosta Asia optimizes their website for mobile as part of their digital marketing approach to promote cruise trips in Asia.

Before today, brands were more invested on how their website looks like rather than how it is experienced. Now, many have embraced the integration of website design and user engagement as a digital marketing strategy to take their consumers in a memorable virtual journey. And with over 1.13 billion people accessing social apps daily, it serves as a call for brands to drive their mobile visitors into their website.

What makes mobile optimization an effective strategy for digital marketing?

With the help of a trusted web design agency, Costa Asia, one of Asia’s premier travel cruise lines, embraced the need for mobile optimization by re-designing their website compatible to fit any device. With the newly revamped interface, the website now seamlessly adapts to any desktop browser and mobile device. This provides visitors smooth interaction and optimal engagement when searching for information about trips to different travel destinations that Costa Asia has to offer.

And with localized content available in English, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese, Costa Asia’s optimized website design offers diverse but quick and digestible information readily available for Asian visitors and globetrotters everywhere.

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The adoption of a responsive website design with localized content enables brands to engage and communicate with its consumers in a dynamic way. Developing these multiple language websites cater to different demographics and preferences, helping bridge your different markets. As a result, this digital marketing strategy greatly affects your messaging and marketing communications in its entirety. It enables your users to take part in your brand experience, creating an intimate dynamic that only the brand and its users can understand.

Is your website ready for mobile?

If you’d like to learn more about developing a mobile-friendly SEO website with localized content for your Asian market, IH Digital, a web design agency and digital agency in Malaysia, offers a wide range of content marketing and other digital marketing services fit for your brand. Contact one of our representatives for more information about our services.