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Digital Marketing: Celebrate Chinese New Year with Facebook Apps

How-to-utilize-Facebook-Apps-as-a-digital-marketing-strategyChinese New Year is fast approaching, but how can you brand leverage on this festive holiday? Try using Facebook Apps a digital marketing strategy!

Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated holidays, not only by fans, also by brands and marketers around the world. This festive holiday is a great source of social media and online marketing content. But how can your business stay ahead of other brands on this festive holiday? What digital marketing strategy will help capture your target audience?

Facebook Apps helps you improve your Facebook Page by creating a customized app within your business page. It has been a great digital marketing tool for marketers to promote their products and grow their fan base, by producing Facebook apps in forms of online registration, product redemption, incentives, contests, and more.

Learn how these 2 brands celebrated their fans and promote their business by utilizing Facebook Apps:

UNIQLO Malaysia

In line with their Chinese New Year theme: “Celebrating the Season of Reunion and Love,” UNIQLO Malaysia launches their “Golden Basket” Facebook app. With the help of a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, the app lets you collect points by catching white and golden eggs. But watch out for cracked eggs or you’ll lose your points. Participants stand a chance to win UNIQLO vouchers worth more than RM8,000, while the Top scorer of the week will receive RM50 UNIQLO voucher.

UNIQLO - Money in the Basket - Facebook App_1

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Panasonic Singapore

To celebrate the upcoming Year of the Rooster, Panasonic Singapore is giving away special prizes using a Facebook App. The app features a spinning wheel where fans are allowed to spin the wheel three times per day. With each spin, participants stand to win instant prizes and are qualified for the grand prize lucky draw at the end of the contest.

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Facebook Apps as a digital marketing strategy

Facebook provides a versatile range of products to help brands promote their business. Whether its FacebookLive, Facebook 360, or a simple Facebook video, Facebook proves to be the ultimate online marketing platform for brands and marketers out there.

Facebook App is a good digital marketing investment as it provides specific information and distinct functions, making it more memorable for the audience when they engage in your page. It definitely brings added value to the experience, both for the brand and the consumer.

Other than serving a creative purpose, Facebook apps are ultimately used for data collection, customer relations, and engagement drivers. You can engage your customers on your page, collect data, and carry it offline by integrating call-to-actions to buy your product or visit your store or event.

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