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Curél by Kao Goes Clean and Green in Latest Video Campaign

Curél by Kao Goes Clean and Green in Latest Video Campaign | Digital 38

For its latest video campaign for Curél, Kao Corporation wants to let its customers know that they are all about conserving clean water, and saving the environment.  

Kao recently released its newest ESG video campaign for Curél Foaming Wash. The video was published across multiple social media platforms, targeting eco-conscious and beauty-conscious consumers in the Asia-Pacific region. In particular, markets from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore and Malaysia.  

The video puts the spotlight on Curél Foaming Wash’s abilities to take care of one’s skin without harming the environment. The brand gave an engaging and insightful look on how the product’s formula can benefit not only skincare but also, in promoting conservation of water.  

Aside from social networking sites, Curél Foaming Wash’s video campaign was also aired on selected offline or physical channels in stores.  

The video campaign enabled Kao to promote two things at the same time – its Curél Foaming Wash, and the value of conserving natural resources, particularly water.  

About Kao Corporation 

Kao Corporation, with headquarters in Tokyo, is one of Japan’s pioneers in manufacturing hygiene, personal care, and beauty products. The multi-national company currently enjoys strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in markets like Malaysia.  

Video: The King of Content  

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