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How Digital Videos Help Content Marketing

content-marketing-video-trendsWith the rise of videos in terms of views and engagement, marketers apparently perceive rising opportunities with well-planned content marketing videos.

Video Advertising Opportunities

Digital videos play significant roles in content marketing today especially this 2015. With the rise of videos in terms of views and engagement, digital marketers apparently perceive rising opportunities with well-planned content marketing videos. In fact, this year is the time seen to have the biggest opportunities in advertising through digital videos. Today’s swift developments in technology and communication are the major contributors to the rise of digital video production, even taking over the large share of traditional TV in display advertising budgets.

Digital video platforms are mounting in terms of use and performance as platform developers foresee how videos will provide digital marketing a crucial break. It is apparently witnessed in the actions of the biggest digital video channel YouTube, which is now taking steps to further improve viewer experience through better video resolutions. While YouTube remains to be on top, Facebook is aggressively entering the video platform competition by targeting video bloggers and convincing them to post their videos directly on Facebook. As we may all have observed, Facebook videos are everywhere on our newsfeeds and seems like many users are now posting directly on the social media site.

Do you have your corporate videos up on any of these channels? These major video platforms and a lot more such as Vine and Instagram are important advertising mediums that you might want to take advantage of to benefit your digital content marketing efforts. Below is IH Digital’s corporate video showcasing the company’s services in a video running for as short as 1 minute and 29 seconds.

Can you imagine how many display images it will take to showcase all of IH Digital’s services? Not to mention the amount of time that your audience will take to absorb all these information. That is the power of a powerful video strategy in content marketing. Messages can be conveyed through videos in a more efficient manner than other display advertising, and can even be maximised through a great strategy to make it appealing to viewers.

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Digital video trends you need to know

Digital mobile video

This year is said to be the best year that will showcase how mobile can become significant to videos. Online users increasingly watching videos through mobile only mean bigger marketing communications and advertising opportunities, and thus higher spending on this medium.

More action through video campaigns

Do digital videos drive more actions? Definitely! In fact, according to a study by the Business Insider, online videos generate three times more clicks on average compared to other advertising formats. This study mainly shows how powerful a content marketing video can become as it can showcase more stories than images and texts, making ads and features more engaging. Moreover, today’s social media marketing and online targeting capabilities are also improving. What can be more efficient in digital marketing when digital videos can share more stories to the right audience?

Below is an example of video developed to increase brand awareness through an interactive game. It is a video contest of the brand PUB Singapore.

Searchable posts

Nobody wants their best shot of marketing videos to get lost in the digital space. Making it searchable is as simple as organising your videos – where to place it and when. Did you know that YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world? Searching for videos makes it easier when you do it on YouTube. Alternatively, you can also search Google, which of course prioritizes its own channel, YouTube.

Facebook, on the other hand, is different. Facebook videos are mostly seen via newsfeeds liked or shared by friends and pages you follow. But yes, posts are searchable. So make it easy for people to search your posts on the social media site. Headline or caption them with something worth remembering — a unique hashtag or easy-to-remember description, perhaps.

Advertise where all eyes watch

At this time, the largest share of viewers turn to YouTube for videos. Content marketing through this platform gives your brand strong opportunities to reach your audience more effectively. YouTube videos allow advertising on their videos that will be visible to its viewers on the duration of the video clip they are watching.

Engage hard-to-reach market

Digital videos usually appeal to hard-to-reach markets. In a study by Video Brewery and Forbes Insights, 59% of senior executives would rather choose to watch a video than to read a text. Even more interesting are the actions done by these audience. The study continues to point out that around 65% of them click through to visit the vendor’s website, 50% have drawn interest and seek for more information, and some 45% contacts the creator of the video.

As a final note, video marketing is undeniably a powerful content marketing consideration given that all the engagement and responses that videos get from its audience today are remarkable. Indeed, it is sensible to say that using videos in digital marketing is an effective medium to make your brand stand out from the rest. Taking note of the recent studies about digital video marketing, the vast opportunities that videos can gain for your business is impressive. The challenge in today’s video content marketing is targeting precision, quality and proper delivery of message.