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Content Marketing: Spot Who’s Wearing Red with Honda Malaysia

Content Marketing: Spot Who's Wearing Red with Honda MalaysiaLearn how Honda Malaysia creates an stimulating Facebook App as a content marketing tool to enhance user experience

Using Facebook as a content marketing platform has been common for marketers over the years. With its recently added functions such as Facebook Live, Facebook 360 or Facebook Apps, most brands are now fully utilising its versatile range of products to promote their businesses as a digital marketing strategy.

Facebook App as content marketing tool

To be able to strike a good game in social media marketing, Facebook App is a promising content marketing investment to see more on the business pages. If you’re seeking for a game-changing online marketing strategy, a customised Facebook App serves as an interesting and stimulating tool for your social media campaigns.

Honda Malaysia executes Facebook App to enhance user experience

As the gold sponsor of Standard Charted Kuala Lumpur Marathon (SCKLM), Honda Malaysia developed a groundbreaking digital marketing strategy by launching a Facebook application called “Spot Who’s Wearing Red!”

The leading automotive brand cooperated with IH Digital, a social media agency in Malaysia, created a Facebook App to enhance the user experience of social media marketing for the brand. This Facebook application integrated as a Facebook contest as well, the prizes are to give out 2,000 exclusive Honda running T-shirts to SCKLM 2017 half marathon participants only. The contest mechanism of this interactive application is to allow participants to spot and click on as many runners wearing red shirts as they can within a minute. The interface of the Facebook App gives a visualisation for participants to tap on runner wearing red to signify the exclusive red T-shirt as the winning prize.

The landing page of “Spot Who’s Wearing Red” interface, this page provides instructions and guidelines for users before proceeding to play the game.


Participants have to register themselves before the game, making sure they are legitimate SCKLM participants as well.


The gaming page of the Facebook App – participants spot and tap on the runners wearing red shirts in one minute.

Use Facebook App on social media campaign

The execution of the user-friendly Facebook App as a content marketing tool for Honda Malaysia has marked a significant success on social media. Whether it’s casual or business purposes, most brands are constantly developing new digital marketing strategies to engage with targeted and potential audiences. Facebook App is a good content marketing investment in providing great and quality content, as it brings added experiences to the brand as well as to the consumers. Other than that, the ultimate distinctive functions of Facebook Apps are for customer relations, data collection and engagement drivers.

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