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Facebook Supports 360-Degree Photo

content-marketing-facebook-supports-360-degree-photoFacebook rolls out 360 Photo, taking content marketing, digital marketing, and Internet marketing to the next level. Don't miss out! Get in touch with us!

The social media giant, Facebook, sets out on giving users a more immersive experience as it rolls out 360 photos, providing a modern way to view panoramas on your mobile phone or desktop computer. By downloading 360-degree photo apps like Google Photo Sphere, capturing 360 photos using your handy smartphone comes easy. In addition, users can take panoramic shots using their Apple or Android phones and upload the photos on the social media platform, and Facebook will convert them into 360 photos. The uploaded 360 photo comes with a small compass icon in the corner, allowing users to use its tilt-viewing features for a fully immersive experience.

How brands can use 360 photos to drive engagement and improve content marketing

Facebook has long been the top choice of social media for business as it provides many ways for brands to enhance content marketing strategies and reach a wider audience. Just like the 360-degree Facebook video, 360 photos provide behind-the-scenes and cinematic experiences, directly placing your target audience in the center of the action. Just imagine all of the digital marketing and content marketing possibilities this new feature can offer. Brands that are looking to expand their social media marketing in Malaysia can deepen the connection and marketing communications with their audience by creating compelling stories and capturing stunning 360-degree visuals that will spark their interests. Panoramic images of tourist destinations, behind the scenes and events will likely end up as 360 photo ads in the near future.

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