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Clarios Banks on Google Ads as it Widens SEA Reach

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Did you know that Google Search and Display Ads can be effective tools in implementing your brand’s business to business advertising plans? Check out this example featuring leading American automotive company Clarios.  

Clarios is looking at widening its reaching in Southeast Asia. They want to connect with audiences from Singapore and Vietnam. In particular, individuals who are more inclined and interested to learn about their automotive products such as Varta. These include not only small business owners of car repair shops and dealerships. But also, manufacturers themselves.  

And their solutions? Google. More specifically – Google’s extensive Search and Display Ads. With Google Search Ads and Display Ads, Clarios was able to put out word about Varta in Singapore and Vietnam. More so, it enabled them to narrow down their target audience, ensuring that their messaging reaches those who are likely to respond and make actions.  

Ads featuring Varta were released on selected search and display network platforms. Users who clicked these ads will then be redirected to a dedicated landing page to learn more about the Varta brand.  

With their flexibility and ample room for customisation, Google’s Search and Display Ads also allowed Clarios to further optimise results through retargeting. Considered an essential strategy for brands and marketers alike, retargeting can come in handy when it comes to entering new, large and diverse markets.  

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Savvy brands know that establishing a strong presence in large and diverse markets like Southeast Asia can be beneficial for their overall growth. And all they have to do is partner with the right team in mapping out their strategies, including business to business advertising.  

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