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Century Battery MY Powers Up in Latest Collab with KyoPropaganda

Influencer Marketing Malaysia: Century Battery MY Powers Up in Latest Collab with KyoPropaganda | Digital 38

If you want to explore the world of influencer marketing in Malaysia, check this feature about Century Battery’s latest collaboration with content creator group Kyopropaganda. 

For its latest campaign, Century Battery partnered with Kyopropaganda as part of their plans to reach out to younger demographics. More specifically, young adults in Malaysia with affinity to cars and the automotive world. So, they decided to team up with one of the country’s popular groups of creative content creators. 


Kyopropaganda whipped up an action-packed and humorous skit featuring Century Battery, much to the delight of their followers as well as the brand’s customers. The video skit was published on Instagram as Reels.  

The Reels garnered over 800 likes, and 3,000 views.  

About Century Battery  

Century Battery is a brand under GS Yuasa Corporation, a Kyoto-based conglomerate specialising in lead acid and lithium-ion batteries for automobiles, motorcycles, and other areas such as defense and aerospace.  

Why Influencer Marketing Can Be Beneficial for Your Brand? 

Influencers like Kyopropaganda have paved the way not only for a new generation of consumers but also in terms of marketing. Also called as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), they have the power to drive people, particularly niche markets, to take actions – including purchasing or sticking to one brand.  

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Partner with the Right Influencer for Your Brand  

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