Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Facebook Chatbots


Social media isn’t just an avenue for brands to provide their customers with news, updates, and entertainment, but a channel for brands to perform customer service as well. As such, it’s important for brands to set up strategies that seamlessly integrate customer service into their social media marketing efforts.

With the ‘always-on’ nature of social media, customers will turn to your brand any time of the day and expect a prompt reply. When that happens, you need to be a helpful resource and not leave questions unanswered for hours. How do you provide answers as soon as possible? By leveraging messenger bots or chatbots.


Chatbots are autonomous digital messages that can provide automated responses without human intervention. Targeted at improving real-time engagement, chatbots are able to have simultaneous conversations, vastly improving response time.

Although many brands might have a dedicated staff in charge of addressing queries on social media, sometimes these aren’t enough. For brands that receive a higher volume of questions, comments and complaints, chatbots can be the first line of customer service. In particular, this will prove valuable in freeing up time for brands’ customer service team. This way, your dedicated team can prioritize more pressing and complex customer concerns over simple product inquiries.

The fact that chatbots can be personalized according to your business’ needs is what makes it particularly valuable. This social media tool can be customized to drive traffic to your website, receive and process orders, or simply send out entertaining news and info to your customers.


Improve Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Facebook Chatbots | IH Digital

Photo Courtesy: Jin Air Taiwan Facebook Page

Korean low-cost airline Jin Air, a long-time partner of IH Digital, realized the potential of chatbots. Through IH Digital, they launched a Facebook chatbot to address common customer inquiries. These include concerns about system ticket purchase failure, errors in online bookings and clarifications on the baggage limit.


Undeniably, including chatbots in your social media strategy will help your brand build a stronger relationship with customers. But while it’s convenient for customers, it’s beneficial to businesses as well. As a one-time investment, businesses can save on overhead cost on a social media customer service staff.

Are you ready to include Facebook chatbots in your digital marketing strategy? Find out how you can drive business goals using this social media tool with IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia that provides simple and flexible solutions to your social media marketing needs. Get in touch with us today and let us help you win your next social media campaigns.

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Online Marketing: Play & Win on Facebook Apps!

online-marketing-Facebook-App-GamesFind out how Facebook Apps with gameplay mechanisms can help you in engaging social media fans and making your online marketing campaign a success. Here are screenshots of the "Flip & Win" and "Spin & Win" Facebook Apps produced by IH Digital.

It is a known fact that it is very hard to stand out on social media platforms. Facebook App is widely used in online marketing campaigns as they are very versatile and they can be customised to suit the brand’s needs. Today, we are going to look at how Facebook Apps with gameplay mechanisms can help your brand in engaging your social media fans and making your online marketing campaign a success.

Take a look at some of the Facebook Apps produced by IH Digital, a digital marketing agency.

1. Flip and Match

Find out how Facebook Apps with gameplay mechanisms can help you in engaging social media fans and making your online marketing campaign a success. Here is a screenshot of a "Flip & Match" Facebook App produced by IH Digital.

The Facebook App, produced for Dorothy Perkins Malaysia, is designed as a game of Flip & Match. Participants will need to flip and memorise the positions and match the cards. Social media fans stand a chance to win prizes worth RM500 from Dorothy Perkins.  This online marketing strategy is successful in engaging fans and also providing the social media audience with a glimpse of the new season’s essential styles.

2. Spin and Win

Find out how Facebook Apps with gameplay mechanisms can help you in engaging social media fans and making your online marketing campaign a success. Here is a screenshot of a "Spin & Win" Facebook App produced by IH Digital.

The Facebook App, produced for Men’s Biore Malaysia is designed as a game with a spinning wheel. With each spin, participants stand a chance to win instant prizes and will be qualified for the grand prize lucky draw at the end of the Facebook contest. To qualify for a chance to win, participants will need to purchase the Men’s Biore Double Scrub 25% Extra Bonus Pack and submit their receipts on the Facebook App. This online marketing strategy is successful in integrating both offline and online conversions.

Facebook Apps for your Online Marketing Campaign

It is a great online marketing tool for social media marketers to promote their products and increase social engagement. Simply start planning for the productions of Facebook apps in forms of online registration, product redemption, incentives, contests, and more. Let us help you! Our digital marketing agency had created over 900 interactive applications. Drop a message now!

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Online Marketing: Lights, camera, HACTION! Shot on the all-new Panasonic LUMIX GH5 camera

online-marketing-Panasonic-Hari-KebangsaanTo celebrate Hari Kebangsaan this year, Panasonic Malaysia launched a Facebook App for its ‘HACTION! Shot On LUMIX GH5’ online marketing campaign.

To celebrate Malaysia’s Hari Kebangsaan (Malaysia’s Independence Day) this year, Panasonic Malaysia collaborated with HATCH for their ‘HACTION! Shot On LUMIX GH5’ competition. As part of their online marketing campaign, they have launched a Facebook App with the help of IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia.

This ‘HACTION! Shot On LUMIX GH5’ competition aims to celebrate Hari Kebangsaan by highlighting the beauty of Malaysia’s unity, harmony and achievements as a nation for the past 60 years. Social media fans are able to relive the journey Malaysia has taken through the eyes and lenses of six selected filmmakers. The videos were all shot using the all-new Panasonic LUMIX GH5 camera.

As part of its social media marketing strategy, Panasonic Malaysia has invited its social media fans to go on to the Facebook App and vote for their favourite film. Panasonic also took the chance to showcase their Lumix GH5 camera, providing detailed descriptions for each of its exclusive functions. This online marketing strategy is very comprehensive as Panasonic Malaysia is not only engaging its social media audience with intriguing stories, but also showing them the quality of the videos shot using its LUMIX GH5 camera.

To celebrate Hari Kebangsaan this year, Panasonic Malaysia launched a Facebook App for its ‘HACTION! Shot On LUMIX GH5’ online marketing campaign.

Facebook Apps for your Online Marketing Campaigns

You can customize Facebook Apps to suit your digital marketing campaigns. For instance, Panasonic Singapore’s Chinese New Year themed Facebook App is designed as a game with a spinning wheel. With each spin, participants stand a chance to win instant prizes and will be qualified for the grand prize lucky draw at the end of the contest. Start brainstorming how you can make use of Facebook Apps to execute your online marketing campaigns!

Let IH Digital help you to create your ideal Facebook Apps! Our digital marketing agency had created over 900 interactive applications. With our vast experience, we will be able to cater to your needs and allow your brand stand out. Drop a message now!


Online Marketing: A Digital Magazine to Promote Uniqlo’s Latest Collection

Online-Marketing-emagazine-uniqloUniqlo Malaysia releases an e-magazine for its latest spring clothing collection as part of its online marketing efforts. Learn about its benefits today!

Uniqlo Malaysia took an unprecedented move in its latest online marketing campaign by releasing an interactive digital magazine. By uploading this e-magazine as a Facebook App, Uniqlo Malaysia allows it to reach out to the masses on social media. This content marketing strategy was executed by IH Digital, an online marketing agency in Malaysia.

The e-magazine enables fans to find out about the background of the designer, Hana Tajima as well as the inspiration behind her latest collection. With the motivation to integrate comfort and versatility, every garment has been designed with care to convey a refined and timeless feel. Photographs and tutorial videos are embed throughout the digital magazine, providing their Facebook fans with ideas on how they can match the different garments to create different styles and looks.

Using E-Magazines in your Online Marketing Strategy

This online marketing strategy is exceptional as Uniqlo Malaysia managed to share a lot about their products while sustaining the audience’s attention on a social media platform. On top of standing out among the crowd, there are several benefits that came along with this content marketing strategy.

  1. Cost-effective and Eco-friendly

    There is no need for paper and ink for an e-magazine. There is no need for mass printing. You just need to create a copy of the e-magazine and upload it onto the Internet. On top of that, you can easily update your e-magazine. Just imagine the cost and resources you are saving by opting to create a digital magazine instead of a printed brochure.

  1. Breathtaking Reading Experience 

    With vivid visuals and a melodic audio embedded, readers are in for a treat. As seen in Uniqlo’s digital magazine, the collection comes to life. With the designer personally explaining how you can pair up different colours, you can feel her passion in creating this collection. This interactive digital magazine can help your brand convey your brand message effectively.

  1. Greater Audience Reach

    Digital magazines can be easily accessed on tablet, smartphones and other digital platforms anywhere. By sharing your digital magazine as a Facebook App, you can easily reach out to thousands and even millions of social media users. You can even count on your fans to share and promote your e-magazine further.

Enhance your online marketing campaign with IH Digital

Are you still wondering how to integrate e-magazines as part of your online marketing campaign? Let IH Digital, a trust digital marketing agency, help you with the production process. Inquire with us today.

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Digital Marketing: Celebrate Chinese New Year with Facebook Apps

How-to-utilize-Facebook-Apps-as-a-digital-marketing-strategyChinese New Year is fast approaching, but how can you brand leverage on this festive holiday? Try using Facebook Apps a digital marketing strategy!

Chinese New Year is one of the most celebrated holidays, not only by fans, also by brands and marketers around the world. This festive holiday is a great source of social media and online marketing content. But how can your business stay ahead of other brands on this festive holiday? What digital marketing strategy will help capture your target audience?

Facebook Apps helps you improve your Facebook Page by creating a customized app within your business page. It has been a great digital marketing tool for marketers to promote their products and grow their fan base, by producing Facebook apps in forms of online registration, product redemption, incentives, contests, and more.

Learn how these 2 brands celebrated their fans and promote their business by utilizing Facebook Apps:

UNIQLO Malaysia

In line with their Chinese New Year theme: “Celebrating the Season of Reunion and Love,” UNIQLO Malaysia launches their “Golden Basket” Facebook app. With the help of a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, the app lets you collect points by catching white and golden eggs. But watch out for cracked eggs or you’ll lose your points. Participants stand a chance to win UNIQLO vouchers worth more than RM8,000, while the Top scorer of the week will receive RM50 UNIQLO voucher.

UNIQLO - Money in the Basket - Facebook App_1

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Panasonic Singapore

To celebrate the upcoming Year of the Rooster, Panasonic Singapore is giving away special prizes using a Facebook App. The app features a spinning wheel where fans are allowed to spin the wheel three times per day. With each spin, participants stand to win instant prizes and are qualified for the grand prize lucky draw at the end of the contest.

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Facebook Apps as a digital marketing strategy

Facebook provides a versatile range of products to help brands promote their business. Whether its FacebookLive, Facebook 360, or a simple Facebook video, Facebook proves to be the ultimate online marketing platform for brands and marketers out there.

Facebook App is a good digital marketing investment as it provides specific information and distinct functions, making it more memorable for the audience when they engage in your page. It definitely brings added value to the experience, both for the brand and the consumer.

Other than serving a creative purpose, Facebook apps are ultimately used for data collection, customer relations, and engagement drivers. You can engage your customers on your page, collect data, and carry it offline by integrating call-to-actions to buy your product or visit your store or event.

Are you looking to create user-friendly and effective Facebook Apps? IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, has online marketing services that could cater to your businesses needs; whether it is social media or video production, there’s a service fit for your brand. Message one of our digital specialists now.

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Digital Marketing: LANEIGE Malaysia launches a successful sampling app

Digital-Marketing-LANEIGE-Timeless-Beauty-Facebook-AppWith the help of a digital marketing agency, LANEIGE Malaysia launches a Facebook sampling app to promote it's newly launched anti-aging products.

LANEIGE Malaysia launches a Facebook sampling app called “24H Timeless Beauty” as part of their digital marketing campaign to promote its newly launched anti-aging products for day and night. The Facebook app highlights the new LANEIGE Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask, Face-fit Roller (sold separately), and the BB Cushion Anti-Aging. Together, these products improve skin elasticity, provide better coverage and combat aging, giving you that ultimate Face-Fit effect for a more youthful-looking look.

[metaslider id=2296]

The three products come together hand-in-hand as an effective anti-aging prevention, that can be used as a beauty regime from day to night. LANEIGE highlighted this by using an animated GIF background to give emphasis to the products’ day and night time use.

With the help of a digital marketing agency, LANEIGE Malaysia launches a Facebook sampling app to promote it's newly launched anti-aging products.

Facebook Apps: From online to first-hand experience

IH Digital Malaysia executed a well-executed content marketing and social media strategy for LANEIGE Malaysia, by developing this Facebook App. This way, it provides fans a holistic and unique experience, from registering on the app to actually claiming the product, giving them a first-hand experience of the newly launched products. This method of distributing samples distinguishes LANEIGE Malaysia from the rest.

Creative and unique content a digital marketing strategy

Facebook Apps, Animated GIFs, Facebook Live videos, are great examples of creative ways to better engage with your target audience. If you’re looking to start your own digital marketing campaign, IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, provides services that ranges from video production, website development, to social media marketing and online advertising. Drop us a message and learn more on how we can help you jumpstart your campaign.


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Social Media Marketing: It’s a “Family Road Trip” with Honda Malaysia!

Honda-Malaysia-Family-Road-Trip-Social-Media-MarketingHonda Malaysia launched a Facebook App and a Facebook Live video coverage of the Family Road Trip event as part of their social media marketing campaign.

Honda Malaysia engages in an exciting road trip to bring smiles to families across Malaysia. Scheduled every weekend, the Honda Family Road Trip aims to visit different localities and offer an array of fun and exciting activities while simultaneously promoting the brand. In partnership with a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, Honda launched the Family Road Trip Facebook App and covered the event live, as part of their social media marketing campaign.

This year’s Family Road Trip, Honda travels to 16 locations starting August 2016 – March 2017. A weekend filled with fun-filled activities, like free test drives, an active Kid’s zone, the Jazz Cruise Cafe, airbag replacements, and outdoor cinemas are scheduled for families to enjoy, which can be found inside Honda’s Facebook app. Attendees also get a gift when they post a picture from the event and upload it in the app!

[metaslider id=2227]

Honda covered the momentous event with a live video coverage of their Tapak Bazaar Ramadhan at Teluk, Intan location, garnering almost 12,000 views overtime.

Following the huge success of the Live video, Honda Malaysia released a microvideo, highlighting the fun and cool activities of the event, from previous locations.

Social Media Marketing as an effective strategy

Facebook apps and Facebook Live Videos are tried and tested digital marketing strategies for corporate events. These can relay a first-hand experience to users and can successfully establish an unwavering connection between brand and audiences.

IH Digital, a leading digital agency in Malaysia, has video production experts that can help you manage and craft digital content specially designed for your brand needs. Contact us today.

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Digital Marketing: Be #SelfieReady with Panasonic Singapore’s Beauty Contest App!

digital-marketing-agency-Panasonic-Singapore-facebook-appPanasonic Singapore, in partnership with a digital marketing agency, launches the #SelfieReady Facebook App as part of their digital marketing campaign.

Like taking selfies? Panasonic Singapore graces social media with a digital marketing campaign for selfie lovers. In partnership with IH Digital, a trusted digital marketing agency in Singapore, Panasonic releases #SelfieReady with Lumix GF8, a Facebook contest app that aims to promote the beauty-centric camera and highlight the Beauty Retouch feature of the product.

[metaslider id=2184]

To join the contest, participants must take a selfie and beautify the shot using GF8’s selfie functions before uploading it on the app. Aesthetic Retouch allows the user to put on face make-up or apply various effects such as clearing of skin texture, lifting of face, and whitening of teeth. Make-up Retouch on the other hand, gives users the freedom to choose the colour of their foundation, lips, cheeks or eyeshadow.

The uploaded photo with the most votes wins!

Facebook Contest Applications as a Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media contest applications have become a prevalent part of digital media and online advertising. Apart from promoting products for social media marketing, it also is a great way to engage audiences and further drive social actions.

Looking for a digital marketing agency?

New trends in marketing are always popping up. Planning to step up your social media marketing strategy? IH Digital, a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, could be the right fit for you. Contact us today.

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Content Marketing: Men’s Biore Launches New Facebook Sampling App

Biore-Men-1-1Men’s Biore launches a new sampling app, as a content marketing strategy, to announce the release of a brand new formula and brand ambassador.

Men’s Biore, Malaysia’s staple skincare brand for men, recently launched a Facebook sampling app as their content marketing strategy to promote the newly-improved line of facial cleansing scrubs. A new formula and redesigned packaging, along with its new ambassador were announced across the brand’s social media platforms.

Men’s Biore launches a new sampling app, as a content marketing strategy, to announce the release of a brand new formula and brand ambassador.

Sampling apps as part of an effective content marketing strategy

Men’s Biore, with the help of a digital media agency in Malaysia, launched the sampling app with the support of online advertising, using a tailored targeting and profile for men. It enables men across Malaysia to know which Men’s Biore products are suited for their skin types and needs and get a chance to redeem a free sample of that recommended Biore product.

Sampling apps are a great way to attract customers to try and test new products, as it gives them an experience that is unique to your product. Not only does it strengthen your presence online, but on-the-ground as well.

This type of content marketing strategy might work for your brand too! Learn more about how other digital marketing services can work for you, speak to one of our representatives here.

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Content Marketing: Singapore Red Cross Promotes Blood Donation Through “Donor Dash” App

red-crossSingapore Red Cross takes their cause to a new light by spreading blood donation awareness through mobile app “Donor Dash”, as a content marketing strategy.

With the reign of digital technology comes the thriving popularity of mobile applications available in android, windows, and iOS platforms. Smartphone users are in constant search for new applications. Whether its for casual gaming, productivity, or business purposes, this urges brands to develop new ways to engage with their audience. By using innovative ideas like gamification, it offers a wide range of opportunities for content marketing, digital advertising, and nowadays, to spread awareness or raise funds for charities.

How gamification is used as a content marketing strategy

Together with a trusted Digital Agency in Singapore, Singapore Red Cross, or SRC gauged their target market and their behavior to help understand how to educate them better about blood donation, all the while sparing them of the technical information in the process. As a result, SRC launched “Donor Dash: A Run to Save Lives,” a mobile gaming application which aims to create awareness and share basic information about blood donation.

In Donor Dash, the player aims to complete each blood drive mission in order to “save lives” by swiping left or right to collect the required blood components and swiping up to jump and avoid the obstacles. Blood donation trivias, donor requirements and nearby donation centers in Singapore are readily available inside the app, as part of SRC’s goal to spread information and educate the players about blood donation.

Singapore Red Cross takes their cause to a new light by spreading blood donation awareness through mobile app “Donor Dash”, as a content marketing strategy.

Available in Google Play Store and iTunes

Mobile apps: changing how content is perceived

Today, whether it’s for work, school, or business, mobile apps are personal mediums that is improving a person’s day to day in activity. Hence, it is important for marketers to understand that mobile apps are less about its tangible aspects, but rather about sharing your brand message and insight through it. This not only influence your market’s brand perception, but as well as their perspective as a consumer.

Like SRC, you can also seek help for you to find out innovative content marketing strategies to showcase your brand and spread your message. IH Digital, a digital agency in Malaysia, offers different online marketing services and other digital marketing services that fit your brand’s digital platforms and strategies. Contact one of our representatives for more information about our services.


Mobile Optimization for efficient Digital Marketing

mobile-first-marketing-digital-agency-digital-marketing-malaysiaLearn about why it is crucial for brands' digital marketing to successfully implement mobile friendly content and optimization to their digital advertising.

Strength of mobile networks.

Each day, more people are accessing internet from their mobile devices which naturally makes it crucial for any marketer for their digital marketing to be mobile friendly and optimized.

For example, 41 million people in Indonesia are online every day, out of which 38 million people are accessing from mobile devices according to Facebook. Given such statistics and the fact that Indonesia is considerably an emerging market for internet marketing, it cannot be more assuring of how mobile marketing is set to dominate the coming age of digital marketing.

Go big with digital marketing, but can it fit in a hand?

From checking the movie time, public transportation to more information about products while in a store, mobile devices grants people to look up almost anything anywhere.  According to a research, Malaysia topped the chart for the most number of people shop online in APAC.  With mobile search and internet usage surpassing that of desktop activity, mobile optimization is now the core of any online marketing.

Here are some interesting figures about mobile friendly digital marketing:

Digital marketing going online means it must be available on mobile:

Delivering the contents in social network optimized format is one, but ensuring best experience on mobile is another thing.  It is crucial that your digital marketing strategy is not losing any potential engagement because of bad experience on mobile:

  1. Is your website mobile friendly? Optimized access to internet advertising does not mean that it is mobile responsive, but also comes down to quality of the image and length of contexts as well. SEO optimization is important as well, but it is not ideal if such length is deterring audience. (Check out the website design tip from IH Digital Malaysia here!)
  2. Advantage of mobile application. Not only it will be mobile optimized, but will also allow marketer to provide perks and promotion exclusively for mobile app users.
  3. Same message different platforms. Consistence in publishing contents is a key, and so is consistency of message. Optimizing online marketing contents to mobile is important, but it also needs to deliver the same message across different platforms.
  4. Mobile responsive email. Email should not be too wordy like a novel, but instead a concise list of information with readable letter size, appropriate URL to mobile optimized landing page and websites, and last but most importantly, it should not require viewer to toggle with zooming to digest the information.

Mobile optimization for the effective digital marketing.

As an online marketing agency, IH Digital Malaysia believes in importance of contents appropriate online marketing services in any digital marketing. From SEO optimization to website design services, we can help and ease your marketing strategy with platform appropriate approach. Our team of social media expert are available for consultation to figure out the most optimal digital marketing strategy for your campaign.  Contact us today to find out more!

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Honda MY’s “One in A Million” Milestone – A Digital Marketing Success with IH Digital


Honda’s partnership with IH Digital Malaysia has proven to be fruitful with its many successes in giving its customers the best deals and services across Malaysia. Since the release of Honda Malaysia’s Facebook page in 2012, we have grown from 0 fans to 1 million fans. According to Social Bakers, Honda Malaysia is ranked 23rd among the list of popular brands in Malaysia. In 2014, Social Media Week awarded Honda Malaysia Facebook page with the Social Media Excellence Award as the best brand in the automotive sector.

Our team came up with a video marketing concept to perfectly showcase the brand’s causes and artistic side to celebrate this huge #Honda1million milestone. Check them out on Facebook here and here.

Create video marketing and internet marketing solutions with IH Digital.

Aside from the videos, have fun and join our celebration, win weekly prizes by participating in this #Honda1million app.

Though IH Digital Malaysia’s digital marketing services, Honda MY Facebook page implemented content marketing strategies and interesting on-ground to digital integrations to promote the whole brand and connect consumers through various posts, activities and events. IH Digital has centred its social media strategies in Honda’s mission to pursue a future with better technology, along with better value. This is best shown through their slogan “The Power of Dreams”, signifying the ever-changing and growing needs of the future. We created engaging apps, images and rich video marketing content based on this mantra. Honda MY knows that fans should only get the care and pleasure they deserve.

What’s more? Videos such as the preview for Honda’s All-New City were amplified through digital marketing on social media to create exposure. We also implemented a 360 social media campaign for Honda MY’s big events, integrating on-ground event, events acquisitions and post-event content through a mobile-accessible app.

Create video marketing and internet marketing solutions with IH Digital.

Honda Family Road Trip: A fun-filled event for the whole family. There are artist performances, 32-point inspection, test drive and kids’ zone with exclusive gifts and more! Honda MY is travelling across 14 locations throughout Malaysia so don’t miss the fun. Join us and check the app to know more.

The automotive giant has shown that it’s a strong, aggressive player that established its reputation as the best in the automotive market in Malaysia. Such milestone cannot be achieved without Honda’s full trust on our team. It really proves that journeys begin with a single step and this #Honda1Million started on a collaboration of a powerful brand and our social media agency.

As a social media expert, we can emulate this kind of success with your business. Our social media agency, IH Digital, can provide integrated marketing, video marketing and internet marketing solutions to help your brand reach out to your audience through internet and social media. If you are interested to know more of our digital marketing and social media services, contact us here to know more!