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BricsCAD Engages with Chinese Audiences on Toutiao, Douyin Campaigns

China Social Media: BricsCAD Engages with Chinese Audiences on Toutiao, Douyin Campaigns | Digital 38

Find out why brands chose to explore and tap markets from China through its social media scene with this quick guide from Digital 38, featuring Bricsys.  

Design and engineering software provider Bricsys wants to amplify its presence in China. And the Belgium-based developer wants to connect with Chinese professionals, including engineers, designers, architects and fellow developers, as well as aspiring ones. Doing so, they need to give their brand awareness efforts a much-needed boost.  

With the help of digital marketing specialists, Bricsys was able to roll out ads on some of China’s top social media platforms. These are Douyin and TouTiao.  

Bricsys published ads featuring its core product, BricsCAD, on Douyin and TouTiao to generate more exposure from its target markets in China. They leveraged Douyin’s popularity among young adults to touch base with the younger demographics in the country. Bricsys also tapped TouTiao to further increase its exposure among Chinese audiences.  

About Douyin and TouTiao 

Douyin and TouTiao are Chinese social media platforms owned and developed by ByteDance. It is the same Beijing-based tech giant that introduced the worldwide phenomenon TikTok. Douyin is actually its twin. The only difference that sets them apart is that Douyin can only be accessed in Greater China.  

TouTiao, on the other hand, is a popular content and information aggregator in China. Like Douyin, the platform is only available in China.  

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Markets like China can be both a challenge and opportunity. It has a tech-savvy population of 1.4 billion, of which 1.25 billion use the internet on a daily basis. It is also the largest market of social media users. All of these make it an ideal market for brands like Bricsys that want to grow exponentially.  

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