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BOH Tea Malaysia Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with a New Flavor!

BOH-TEA-MalaysiaBOH Tea Malaysia celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival by launching a new flavor, as part of their content marketing campaign.

In time for the Mid-Autumn Festival, BOH Tea Malaysia launched a new flavor to satisfy fans’ tea cravings: Green Tea Latte! With the help of a digital media agency in Malaysia, BOH Tea launched a video of a unique jelly mooncake recipe using their new Green Tea Latte flavor. The video is a result of a content marketing that perfectly showcase a simple yet, fun way to launch your brand.

Creative Content Marketing Strategy

Social media is the way to go now, considering that there is already an overwhelming number of content, available anytime, anywhere. This provide businesses the opportunity to connect with their fans by providing a creative and engaging user experience to try.

Trying new social media marketing strategies not only helps you touch base with your fans, but also engage and learn more about them. With BOH Tea Malaysia, instead of just launching the new flavor using traditional announcements, they created a video that shares a recipe that integrates the new flavor, making the brand experience memorable and sharable.

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