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Bioré Men Rolls Out Interactive TikTok Contest in Malaysia

TikTok Marketing in Malaysia: Bioré Men Gets Interactive in With #RayaNampakMacho Contest

Japan-based skincare brand Bioré’s latest TikTok marketing campaign is geared towards young adult males in Malaysia, and this time, they want to be fun and interactive. 

Bioré Men launched its #RayaNampakMacho for its Raya 2021 Video Contest on TikTok, one of Malaysia’s growing social media platforms. The brand is encouraging users on TikTok to join and win tons of prizes simply through their creative juices and skills.  

All they have to do is upload their most creative and most innovative short video featuring Bioré Men’s products.  

And to further amplify word about their contest, Bioré Men also utilized other marketing strategies, and leveraged an omni-channel approach. They ran dynamic ads on Facebook, and even tapped influencers in Malaysia to invite more young men to join in the fun.  

Learn more about how Bioré leveraged influencer marketing for #RayaNampakMacho by clicking the article from ATC, a member of Digital 38 group, below.  

As a result, Bioré Men not only ramped up its brand awareness efforts in Malaysia. But they also managed to reinforce customer loyalty.  

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