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Biore Engages with Moms Through Advertorial with KelabMama in Malaysia

Biore Engages with Moms Through Advertorial with KelabMama in Malaysia | Digital 38

Japan-based skincare brand Bioré has rolled out its UV Kids Pure Milk sunscreen and to promote its entry, they decided to launch an advertorial that will connect them with mothers in Malaysia. 

Bioré partnered with Kelab Mama in running an advertorial about its latest product, the UV Kids Pure Milk sunscreen. The advertorial not only aims to spread word about UV Kids Pure Milk. But it also wants to educate mothers, and mothers-to-be, about the benefits of sunscreen products to their infant children.  

The advertorial is written in Malay in order for Bioré to connect effectively with Malay-speaking moms in Malaysia.  

And to give Bioré’s plans further boost, the advertorial was also published on Kelab Mama’s official Facebook and Instagram handles, potentially reaching out to more audiences.  

About Kelab Mama 

Kelab Mama is one of Malaysia’s largest go-to places about motherhood. It serves as an online community where experts, mothers and expecting mothers gather. 

As of November, it has amassed over 570,000 followers on Facebook. It also has more than 32,000 followers on Instagram. 

About Bioré 

The Bioré brand is owned by Kao Corporation. Established in 1887, Kao is considered as among the pioneers in manufacturing and producing beauty, hygiene and personal care products in Japan. It has also enjoyed wide and strong presence in Southeast Asian markets, including Malaysia.  

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